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Skateboarding in Barcelona is paradise!

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Skateboarding in Barcelona is paradise, and not because we have the best boardwalks or the smoothest streets but because of the modern, contemporary and eclectic designs of our architecture and public spaces.  For this reason, Barcelona has become a sort of Mecca for the world’s skaters.  Everyone wants to skate in Barcelona and combined with the sunny Mediterranean climate, party scene, and culture oozing from its every corner it really is the perfect destination.  Many of the city’s public squares have become skating playgrounds, filled with steep stairs and benches and rails for grinding.  There’s a reason why the Tony Hawk skating video games always has a Barcelona stage.  There are so many skate spots in Barcelona that we could write volumes (there will probably be an update or two on this blog), but instead we’ll tell you about two great places where you can skate in Barcelona.

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Skateboarding has become a world famous sport (hopefully soon to be an Olympic sport) that has its origins in surfing.  As the legend goes, surfers invented skateboarding. Nowadays skateboarding is a multi million-dollar industry and skateboarding can be a lucrative job. It is considered by many to be art and it involves a lot of practice.  You don’t become a skater over night.  In fact, many have compared the technical difficulty of skating to figure skating. Now that we’ve established that skating is a true art, we can tell you about a few of the most popular skate spots in Barcelona. There has been some new antisocial laws passed in BCN about a year ago and one of them restricts skating.  Now, as with many of these antisocial laws (like drinking and/or urinating in public) are not especially enforced.

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The 2 most famous skate spots in Barcelona are Plaza Universitat and the MACBA Museum.  Below you can checkout a video of skaters at both of the spots to get an idea. The Plaza Universitat has three large granite blocks that are perfect for grinding and sliding and manuals and it is great to sit back and watch the skaters.  They often are trying to get the perfect video footage of their tricks. The MACBA is the modern art museum in BCN, and directly in front of it is a vast concrete plaza that is the most popular and populated skating location in the city.  Go check it out!  Take a seat on a bench, sit back and watch the skaters furiously zig zag the plaza trying their new tricks and showing off for nearby girls. So now you have a very general idea about the 2 most popular skate spots in Barcelona.  So if you are a fan of skateboarding in Barcelona and want to try it yourself  now you know where to go! Let us know what you recommend as some of the best skate spots in Barcelona! We want to hear from you! Cheers, Oli. Skating In Barcelona

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