Sport in Barcelona: Strength Training Workout on the Beach Image

Circuit Training Workout on the Barcelona Beach

If you're looking to pay sometimes astronomical gym prices in order to accomplish a little sport in Barcelona and you love exercising indoors, then skip this blog because it isn't for you! If you want to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, the sun, and get some fresh air into your lungs then please keep reading. Run like a beast along our route from Barceloneta Beach to Bogatell Beach, which includes 3 stops in which you'll be able to do some exercises! After that you will do the same but going from Bogatell back to Barceloneta. If you're a little out of shape like us, and don't want to pass out along the way, we suggest you run on the pavement and not in the sand (that's for the hardcore peeps!).  After building some resistance, its worth running on the sand as it's very good for your legs and feet, and is much easier on your back.

Strength Training Workout Map

Sport in Barcelona: Strength Training Workout on the Beach Image
The first stop is located between Barceloneta and the 2 towers of Ciutat Villa Olympica. There are often a lot of people at this 'workout station', and most of them tend to be juiced up gorillas working out a little but mostly admiring their own muscles. Anyways, just ignore them, they're not looking at you anyways. The second stop is just before Bogatell Beach, and for me, this is the best one as there are a lot of great machines you can use and  it is not so crowded. The last stop is not so far from the second. There is an upright bench press where you can workout your arms easily. But, big muscle men beware: don't expect too much from this device, the weight is pretty light, so it is more for muscle toning. This circuit training workout is one of my favourites and it's perfect to get in shape no matter where you happen to be. Enjoy working out in front of the sea with a little bit of salty air!

Body-building devices by stations:

Sport in Barcelona: Strength Training Workout on the Beach Image
This circuit training is about 5.5 kilometers in length. I swear that if you do this every 2 two days, you will be in perfect shape in one month and you'll have that sexy summer BCN beach body! For more information, check our blog about Running in Barcelona or about general sport in Barcelona. Also checkout our free ebook on Barcelona's Best Beaches. What are you doing for a little exercise in Barcelona?  Any good tips? Cheers ! Hugo

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