Do a Barcelona Internship this summer! Read this article, take notes, succeed!

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Looking to do a Barcelona Internship this summer? An internship in this beautiful city will make your summer shine (on your resume and..literally!). So, you're looking for a Barcelona internship  this summer or maybe you've already landed one? Either way, read this article and I promise you that you will be a success. (Pst, SuiteLife is looking for online marketing and social media interns and now you can be the top candidate! ) First there is the resume and the never-easy-to-write cover letter. Both need to be flawless and please note: updated! Never forget to bulletpoint-in your recent job(s)! The resume, I personally don't have a problem with. The tricky task is how to write that cover letter. Ugh, spare me! While applying for probably 50 internships last spring (everything from internships in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Copenhagen to London and Manchester), I felt that I was climbing Mount Everest. Going to plenty of lectures and workshops that taught you how to master this task, I'm now on the top of that mountain and it's not as cold as I thought. First and foremost, the opening of the cover letter should include the purpose of your email. For example: " I'm inquiring about the open X position at X that I found on X." Stating the purpose before you jump into your personal pitch is important. Second, provide a snapshot of your relevant past experiences is key. Relevant doesn't mean your job at Starbucks when applying for an internship in the marketing or PR field. Your PR job last summer, much more so! Also, remember to tie your past experience to the position you are applying for. Sidenote: In your signature, include links to your social media channels. Trust me, they'll be looking anyways so you might as well save them the google search. Good channels to include are twitter account(s), your blog and LinkedIn. And, please please.. no skatedude8@hotmail.com or coolgirl55@hotmail.com - s . Email accounts like those will make CEO'S raise their eyebrows and with one click your hard-work will go from their inbox to their trash. So, hey! With that perfect resume and cover letter  the interview is now scheduled, right? Does it look dreadful in your calendar!? Well, it shouldn't because it won't be..dreadful. If you are coming to work in Barcelona from overseas, many recruiters might want to have the interview with you over the phone. This can be an easy task to master (and much less nervous) once you know how to show off your stuff over the phone. Below, I outlined some hints for you. Read and take notes:
  • Prep beforehand! Trust me on this one, because I have been going through plenty. Going into a phone interview blind is basically like walking onstage without a rehearsal. Please, don't put yourself through that. The interviewer will be asking questions quickly and expecting clear answers.
  • Express yourself! One of the hardest things about a phone interview is the lack of personal connection. Therefore, try to smile when you speak. Believe it or not but a smile will be heard over the phone.
  • Don't forget to ask questions. I mean, this is your interview too. Never forget that. Asking questions about the company and the work you'll be doing, the workforce, state of the work atmosphere etc will help yo get a better idea of the job and show true interest. Remember, never ask questions that can be found on their website!
Now when the phone interview went smoothly you probably received one of those go-out-celebrating-with-a-cosmopolitan emails saying that you got the job, right? So, now when you landed your dream job or Barcelona internship, it's time to start thinking about what to wear. If you just got out of school or entered the work force for the first time, it might be time to plan a shopping spree to upgrade your closet. Here are the essentials every PR or marketing girl should have in her closet.
  • A  blazer (if you don't already have a blazer hanging in your closet, please go buy one immediately!)
  • The little black dress (In the PR field, even just starting out, a little black dress is your best friend)
  • City flats - (Being always a heels girl running around the city, I know the pain this causes my feet. Living in Los Angeles, I could not wait to get home and change my shoes to something less painful. Take this advice, wear fashionable flats.)
  • Cross Body Purse (You can carry your laptop under your other arm, right?)
  • Work-Appropriate Jeans (Stick with a darker denim in a flattering style for casual days at the office)
Now, it's time to go career hunting. Good Luck! And P.S. Don't forget to create a LinkedIn profile to find a Barcelona internship! Charlotte Giver

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