What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day - spend smart!

Ladies and gents, welcome to the revolutionary brand new blog from SuiteLife about what to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day! Get ready for some really valuable insider tips for people just like you, but just with a little more experience in BCN :P! For that matter, don't be shy, feel free to share your tips in the comment section below. But for now, enough with the chit-chat, and lets get the party started!


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All nutritionists recommend a big and nutritious breakfast and who are we to go against that? And since we're in Spain  you should start the day with a Spanish bocadillo (aka baguette with filling, usually ham and/or cheese). And since we know you want only the best, we highly recommend Panaderias 365. They are all over the city and for approximately 3€, you can get a huge bocadillo that is also tasty! And obviously a great day starts with an awesome coffee, they serve lattes for only 1,25€! THAT IS: 4,2€ (so far).


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day – spend smart! Image
With no exaggeration, summer is definitely claiming its rights here in Barcelona (35° C today at 5PM :O ), so there's no friggin' way of being in Barcelona and not going to one of the beaches! So, time to get some tan lines on that skin and let everyone know what an amazing time you are having in this fantastic city (P.S. no beach leg selfies though, that is so 2014 :P )! Obviously the beach is free, but in order for the fun to be complete, here's what you are gonna need:
  • a public transportation ticket (either metro or bus should be fine): 2,15€
  • a 6-pack of beer cans : 3€
  • some snacks: 2€
THAT IS: 7,15€


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The Tibidabo Cathedral is an amazing part of the Catalan culture on Barcelona, but the way to get there is even more awesome! Why? Because if you are more of a hiker than a 'bather', this is the place to be for you, as you will find yourself in the middle of nature breathing fresh air away from the city pollution? The pathway up to the Cathedral slithers round the hill and takes approximately 1 1/2 h to reach the top, so we would like to make some suggestions on what you would need:
  • first of all - public transportation ticket: 2,15€
  • bottle of water: 0,50
  • protein bar: 1
THAT IS: 3,65


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day – spend smart! Image
After all these extremely physically draining activities, clearly it's time for some well-deserved lunch! SuiteLife Barcelona recommendation: TENTO! Wondering why? Well because you can also find them pretty much everywhere within the city and they sell healthy cooked dishes that are only 2 mins away from touching your mouth, due to the fact that they have a lot of microwave ovens where you can heat your stuff up! Not to mention they have a very wide range of meals with which you can customise your own menu for just 6,95€!!! The menus include 2 main courses, bread, a small bottle of water and a dessert! You can also go with the 1/2 menu (with only one main course) for 4,95€, but trust us, spending 2€ more for another plate of food is worth it here! THAT IS: 6,95€


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You haven't come to Barcelona to sleep now, have you? It's sightseeing time, because sleep is for the weak! So, after lunch, you have to burn those calories for good! And thank God, Barcelona has a bazillion places for you to see and admire! If you click here, you will see the SuiteLife recommendation for the MUST-SEE sites here in Barcleona, so why not check our blog for more info ;)? Costs:
  • walking: FREE!!!
  • water bottle: 0,50
  • some snacks: 1
THAT IS: 1,50


What to do in Barcelona with 25€ (or less) a day – spend smart! Image
Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day, so after you're done with all your plans we suggest you hit Cerveceria Montaditos! Most of their tapas are  1€ (!!), and believe us - they are reeaally good! Plus you can choose from a lot of varieties, which is awesome because you get to experience the real Spanish food! Prices:
  • 4 tapas * 1€ = 4
  • beer = 1
THAT IS: 5 TOTAL: 24,85€ And that's it, SuiteLifers! Feeling more enlightened now? Thought so! That's what happens when you know what to do in Barcelona with 25€  (or less) a day! Now it is yours to take! Till next time, peace out! Muchisimas gracias, Dragosh (El Dragon)

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