Sant Pol de Mar: A Barcelona Beach

Sant Pol de Mar: A Barcelona Beach Image

The Barcelona beach Sant Pol de Mar: A short journey and yet a world away from Barcelona City

During  most of the calendar year you will  find all the beaches in Barcelona full of activities and life. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, anyone and everyone will flock to Barcelona city in order to sample the shore. Why? Well, picture this… the scorching Mediterranean climate, the inviting Mediterranean waters, the cool sea breeze curling around your legs like a cat and the 5km of sand stretched as far as the eye can see. Just for a moment, if you let your imagination float free, it’s clear to see why so many of us just can’t get enough of the coastline here. The beaches in Barcelona are like a playground, an adventure-land, for bothsunworshipers and water sport enthusiasts alike and being spoilt for choice is an understatement. Barceloneta, Mar Bella, and Bogatell, La Nova Icária and Llevant, the list is endless, well it’s 5km long at least. So, even with our previous advice on Barcelona beaches coupled with any tips you’ve picked up along the way, when it actually comes to choosing from the many beaches in Barcelona, it can still prove to be more difficult than it was choosing a “pick n mix” in your favourite sweet shop as a child. However, if there’s one piece of advice you should follow it’s this. To experience something a little bit more special in the way of sun, sand and sea, do yourself a favour and hop on a train, escape the City and head to the beautiful barcelona beach within the quaint oasis of Sant Pol.

Visit Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona

Sant Pol de Mar: A Barcelona Beach Image
This humble, pretty little place manages to capture the essence of summer perfectly. It’ll remind you exactly why you love to be beside the seaside. The beach here is golden, rich and extremely clean. The few bathers that come to Sant Pol are careful not to invade and they scatter their colourful towels sparingly across the sand, leaving it room to breathe and leaving it free from over-crowding. The ocean is breathtakingly stunning and the excited waves crash against the rocks with energy and life.  It’s simply irresistible and whether you love getting wet or just enjoy working on that bronzed tan, you won’t be able to avoid the pull of the sea and its instant cool relief from the sizzling heat of the sun. The rocky coves also make it a terrific spot for snorkelling and the clear waters will give you an insight it to the wonders that lie beneath the swell.

Sant Pol de Mar: A Barcelona Beach Image
To get a true sense of why this little world is so different, take a stroll through the sloping, winding streets of the charming village. You’ll be happy to find, yet not overwhelmed by, the few cafes, restaurants and small shops selling delicious regional cuisine. Let your feet then guide you to the church of Sant Pau and observe the archaeological remains such as the Iberian-Roman town of El Farell and the Martina tower that surround Sant Pol. Then take a step back and you’ll see that all this loveliness is finely wrapped up within a luscious green countryside. Visiting Sant Pol for the first time is a cultural and natural discovery, one that will leave you smothered with satisfaction. For a romantic getaway Sant Pol de Mar is a perfect place. The neighbourhood is overflowing with very nice tasty restaurants offering excellent sea food and a lot of big houses for short rentals, the kind of houses used for events. Speaking of events, if you're planning a wedding ceremony or a honeymoon far away from the usual spots, I personally recommend  this place for the pleasure of your guests and an unforgettable ceremony around a Barcelona beach, if your budget allows you. It is definitely best to go in summer, not because it isn't sunny in winter but because some restaurants are closed and there won't be much of a buzz in the town. If you are the kind of people who like to experience everything, and I mean everything, there are two nudists beaches you can find at some kilometers in direction to the north toward Calella and in the south direction Canet de Mar. There are also lots of organised events going on at this beach in July and August. Events like The Festa Major that take place every July 25th, the Fira Alternative, the Art and Craft Fair, Sant Pol Rock, and some sustainable energy events. The beaches in Barcelona have enough variety to satisfy almost anyone but if you’re looking for something exceptionally gorgeous then the message is short and sweet. For a wonderful, faultless seaside experience, only a few moments from the buzzing Barcelona City, visit Sant Pol de Mar. If you don't have a car, you can take the train (they stop at most of the beaches around) from Barcelona City center in Plaza de Catalunya. - Kerry Jessop

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