Barcelona for Kids - nicest kids' activities in the city!

Barcelona for Kids – nicest kids’ activities in the city! Image
Hey everyone! Wondering what to do with children in Barcelona? Or if there are any activities in Barcelona for kids in Barcelona that you could plan with your family this summer? If you are the proud parents of some little excited kids eager to get their say in what your schedule will be like during your stay in paradise, we've written this blog with you in mind. Besides, if you're lucky enough to live in Barcelona permanently then that's even better because you'll have all the time in the world to do everything on our list. If you're just on holidays, pick from the list of activities in Barcelona for kids that we've created for you below and have the greatest time in here with your family!

Barcelona for Kids: Attractions

Barcelona for Kids – nicest kids’ activities in the city! Image
  • Sagrada Familia
Even though going to church while on vacations might not sound that appealing for your kids, the architectural beauty of this piece of art will blow their minds anyway. Going on a sunny morning is the best moment to enjoy all the colours created by the stained-glass windows and well, who doesn't like a rainbow? Your kids will love it for sure. Get your tickets in advance on the website and check out our blog on how to beat the queue at Sagrada Familia
  • Aquarium
Both fun and culturally rewarding, going to the aquarium is one of the best ways to keep your kids busy and entertained during your holidays in Barcelona. Besides, let's not forget that any activity which allows you and your family to spend some time out of the sun's reach is a blessing that I greatly encourage. Just one warning, I know it's hot in here during the summer and I know its tempting but try not to dive in with the sharks when you go to the Aquarium of Barcelona! Check out the website right here.
  • Montjuic Castle
Hosting various events such as exhibitions, feasts and even outdoor screenings, the Montjuic Castle is the ideal place to go with your kids to enjoy the beauty of this medieval castle and the atmosphere from a time of knights and princesses. Located on the fabulous Montjuic hill of Barcelona, get the chance to appreciate a wonderful view of the city and a travel back through time. Have a look at the website and order your tickets in advance.
  • Zoo of Barcelona
Situated in the city centre and more specifically in the heart of the beautiful Ciutadella Park, the zoo is definitely a must in terms of activities to do with kids. If you're in Barcelona this summer, don't miss the show "Magic at the Zoo: Unbelievable Animals" by Edouard Juanola that will amaze your whole family! Order your tickets and check out the latest events at the zoo of Barcelona right here.
  • Poble Espanyol
Poble Espanyol is located near the Palace next to Plaça d'Espanya. This is one of the best attractions to go when staying in Barcelona and enjoy a great day with your children. It is a typical little Spanish village which brings together buildings made according to each architectural style from all around Spain and they offer activities for families and children such as clues games and shows. Plan your visit on Poble Espanyol's website.
  • Catalunya en Miniatura
Located 13km outside of Barcelona, in the municipality of Torelles de Llobregat, this amusement park offers you a large range of miniature sculptures to make you discover the wonders of Catalunya. Get to know this amazing region and the art of scale model replica. Purchase your tickets online on Catalunya en Miniatura's website.

Barcelona for Kids: Museums

Barcelona for Kids – nicest kids’ activities in the city! Image
Barcelona is a very cultural city which offers many activities for you and your children to get the chance to learn while having fun! Here's a list of museums which are either made for kids or extremely kid-friendly. It's not because your on holidays that you should stop learn people, especially since Barcelona has so many cool museums to go to and have a great time.
  • Science Museums
- Museu Blau - Museum of Ideas & Inventions - Holographic Museum
  • Historical Museums
- Archaeological museum - Mammoth Museum - Egyptian Museum - Maritime Museum - Museu Etnològic - Barcelona Museum of History
  • Art Museum
- MEAM: European Museum of Modern Art - Fundació Joan Miro - MNAC: Museum of Art - Picasso Museum of Barcelona - Casa Ametller
  • Diverse
- Chocolate Museum - Wax Museum - Magic Museum - Railway Museum of Catalunya - Barcelona Olympic and Sports Museum - Frederic Mares Museum For more information on the museums, check out the amazing website of which gathers all the activities you can do with your children in the city.

Barcelona for Kids: Fun Stuff

Barcelona for Kids – nicest kids’ activities in the city! Image
So, cultural and grown-up activities are cool for your kids to learn but let's be honest, they will definitely have more fun by doing some outdoor exercises and preferably those who involve water and slides!
  • SphereMania
Now that is something seriously funny that I need to try and that I am offering you right now for you to enjoy with your kids. It might look dangerous for some of you but it is very safe and most of all, it looks AMAZING! If you're into "extreme" sports, just try the Sphere. Check out the UK website here for further information and the Facebook page of the company's Barcelona branch right there.
  • Bubbleparc
Want to keep in shape while on holidays? Go to the mini amusement park located right in the port of Barcelona where you'll enjoy a Sci-Fi-like obstacle course to do with your kids and enjoy a good day of exercising. Check out Bubbleparc's website to see what it is all about.
  • Waterparks
WATERPARKS! I mean no words needed here, right? Actually there is. All of them are located outside of Barcelona and mostly in other cities of the Catalonian coast. The closest waterpark from Barcelona is Illa Fantasia but you'll still need to plan your trip there by getting a train ticket or renting a car. The fun is worth it guys! - Waterworld - Aquadiver water park - Aquopolis water park - Aquabrava - MarineLand - Aqualeon - Costa Caribe water park of Port Aventura - Illa Fantasia
  • Beaches
Barcelona has plenty of beaches for you to go and the further you go, the calmer and family friendly the beaches get. Good thing is that even though it's gonna require a little bit of walking you can get there with the Line 4 of the Metro that get you to all the beaches along the city. - Barceloneta - New Icària - Mar Bella (nudist beach, be careful) Moreover, the city of Sitges, which is located 30min away from Barcelona and very easily accessible by train, has many beaches that are very cherished by Barcelona's population and that you should try out if you want to spend your whole day on the beach. Plus, you get to visit the nice city of Sitges.

Barcelona for Kids: Parks

Barcelona for Kids – nicest kids’ activities in the city! Image
If you're feeling like going to a park because it is one of the best way to spend time with your kids, Barcelona is a very flourished city and it has many green spaces and great parks. - Ciutadella Park - Park Guëll (the outskirt of the park where you don't risk to break any piece of art. Plus, there is a great view!) - Jardin de la Maternitat And so many more! There are squares for kids to play in almost every corner of the city, you'll find what you're looking for for sure.

Barcelona for Kids: Adventures

Barcelona for Kids – nicest kids’ activities in the city! Image
Feeling adventurous? You need to try those amazing activities to do around Barcelona!
  • Port Aventura
The famous amusement park is waiting for you! Located near Tarragona (South of Barcelona), you'll need to plan your trip there but don't worry the park did it all for you! Check out the website and how to get there and purchase your tickets.
  • Tibidabo Theme Park
Located on one of the highest hills surrounding Barcelona, Tibidabo offers you the best view on the city. There is a beautiful Cathedral for you to visit but most of all there is an amazing amusement park. Just be careful, it is pretty expensive and you'll need to take the metro, the bus and a funicular railway and your way there but it's worth it! Check out the website and how to get there.
  • Natupark
  • Activ Natura Adventure Park
  • La Selva de l'Aventura
If you like tree climbing and outdoor activities, check out those three aventure parks and spend the day believing that you and your kids too can be Tarzan. Active Natura Park also offers horse riding and other funny stuff such as archery or laser combat. Yay! Further information: NatuparkActiv Natura and La Selva de l'Aventura Alright so, I wish you the best moments with your kids and I really hope you all have fun in Barcelona. See ya! - Aurélien

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