Where to Celebrate St Patricks Day in Barcelona

St Patricks Day in Barcelona: Best Places to Celebrate ! Image
St Patricks day in Barcelona is on the 17th of March, just like in Dublin of course! If you want to celebrate it as Irish people do, take a look at the following places and at the promotions that they will offer for this particular day. Even if there is no parade for this special St Patricks day in Barcelona, Barcelona is full of Irish pubs where you can celebrate it. So put your green tights on, find a four-leaf clover and let’s have a beer! By the way, you can check this post about the best Irish pubs in Barcelona


It seems like Kitty’s has been the first Irish pub opened in Barcelona, 18 years ago. For St Patrick’s Day, they transform the area of Carrer de Numancia into an Irish district! There will be different activities organized, even for children, all day long. Come by, watch Irish dancing and listen to Irish music. The all programming is just here. And what can be best than watching England Vs Ireland to close your St Patrick’s Day in Barna?! Address: Carrer de la Nau Santa Maria, 5, Barcelona 08017 Website St Patricks Day in Barcelona: Best Places to Celebrate ! Image

Flaherty’s Irish Pub – SPECIAL EVENT

It’s one of the best known Irish pubs in Barcelona. You will find it in the center, near the Rambla. Besides offering very good beers and whisky, they also cook traditional dishes. Do not miss this spot on St Patrick’s Day, there will be special promotions on drinks and dishes and there will be tons of giveaway prizes to won! That mean you will have no excuse for not wearing green this night! Address: Plaça Joaquim Xirau, Barcelona 08002 Website


Well, it’s obvious that Temple Bar is one the best place to celebrate St Patrick’s day in Barcelona! As Matthew told us in one of his post, this is “one of the nicer Irish Pubs in Barcelona”. You will feel like if you were in Temple Bar in Dublin, especially because they will organize a special evening for this special day. I hope you are not allergic to the green color; in fact there may be a lot of green balloons and green shirts around the pub this day… Address: Calle Ferran, 8, Barcelona 08002 Website

Molly’s Fair City

St Patricks Day in Barcelona: Best Places to Celebrate ! Image
“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met.” If you have never  heard about Molly’s Fair City, then discovering it for St Patty’s is the best thing to  do. You will meet mostly English-speaking people and you will definitely drink some  really good Guinness! They also do great cocktails (do not forget to read our free e- book about cocktails in Barcelona). As you already feel like you’re in Ireland the  other 364 days of the year, it is difficult to do more efforts for St Patty’s Day, but  anyway, this is a good place to celebrate. Because of both the atmosphere and  people who come by. Be careful to be there early, it gets crowded really quick… Address: Carrer de Ferran, 7-9, Barcelona 08002

Ryan’s Pub

Last but not least, you probably already know Ryan’s Pubs: cheap drinks, a lot of people, and always a good time! Last year they made discounts on beers, offered gifts and added a green touch on the drinks. No doubt they will do the same this year! Address: Carrer Ample, 28, Barcelona 08002 OR Carrer Escudellers 24, Barcelona 08002 Website

Then you have a lot of other places where you can go

If you didn’t notice, Barcelona is full of Irish or English pubs, where, for sure, it will be nice to stay for San Patrick in Barcelona! The Dunne’s: Well it has already made a name for itself. Big and cool pub.St Patricks Day in Barcelona: Best Places to Celebrate ! Image
Address: Via Laietana, 19, Barcelona (Gotic) The Shamrock: the name of the bar couldn’t be better for such a day! Address: Carrer Tallers, 72, Barcelona (Raval) Flann O’brien: this one is not in the center of Barcelona but offers you great drinks and nice atmosphere. Address: Carrer de Casanova, 264, Barcelona 08021 The Fastnet Irish Bar: located in Barceloneta, this Irish bar has an outside terrace very nice to enjoy a beer on St Patrick’s Day in Barcelona. Address: Passeig Don Joan Borbo Comte Barcelona, 22, Barcelona 08003 The Mickael Collins: Near Sagrada Familia, a really good Irish Pub to celebrate St Patty’s. There will be live music with the "Tequila Sunrise" (rock and blues) and "Kesh" (rock), from 9pm. Address: Plaça Sagrada Familia, 4, Barcelona 08013 Wow, that’s a lot of addresses! Do they fit with your plans? Any other good ideas on where to celebrate St Patricks Day in Barcelona? I wish you a great St Patricks , let us know how it went and which bar had the best irish atmosphere! ~Caroline

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