Bar Mirablau Barcelona - amazing city view… from Tibidabo!

Bar Mirablau Barcelona – amazing city view… from Tibidabo! Image
‘Where to go in Barcelona’, ‘what to see in Barcelona’, ‘what’s going on in Barcelona’… we’ve all typed these phrases into Google a million times, trawled the web, scanned magazines and asked around, looking for inspiration and new ideas on what to explore next in this City. Sometimes we stumble upon something fresh and sometimes a failed search forces us to retreat back to the few places we all know and love. However, if you find yourself in this situation and you have a romantic setting on the agenda, maybe facilitated with a dazzling Barcelona view and an excellent bar, then stop your search here and take a trip to Tibidabo to chill at the Bar Mirablau Barcelona!

Barcelona, the city of love?...

Well, it’s not exactly Paris but you don’t have to go far in this city to discover it has a heart. With the beautiful summer sun, the echo of the Mediterranean sea and the exquisite historic architecture alive with wonder, it’s the perfect setting for a little bit of romance. In fact, when you really stop to take a look at Barcelona you will discover that in the fine words of cheesy Brit band Wet Wet Wet, “love is all around”!  However, there’re only so many candlelit dinners and strolls by the beach one can take and if you’re craving something with that extra little bit of 'Va-Va-Voom' then you should definitely take the small 15 minute journey from Barcelona to discover Tibidabo and obviously Bar Mirablau Barcelona!

Bar Mirablau Barcelona – amazing city view… from Tibidabo! Image

From Barcelona to Tibidabo…

You’ve probably heard of this place being home to one of Europe’s best Science museums or to the huge American style amusement park Portaventura we mentioned in a previous article and you’d be right.  However, for a more romantic backdrop and much calmer ambience, start you’re Tibidabo experience with little blue tram proudly parked at the bottom the mountain. As it steadily comes in to site as you exit the station you’ll notice it waiting patiently for its next load of happy faces to hop on board.

Bar Mirablau Barcelona in Tibidabo

Bar Mirablau Barcelona – amazing city view… from Tibidabo! Image
After joining the few passengers already sat eagerly awaiting the excursion ahead, you’ll slowly make your way up the mountain and come to a stop in a quaint, colourful, pretty little place right outside the chic Bar Mirablau Barcelona. This classic and stylish Bar Mirablau Barcelona has eyes that subject you to the most spectacular sights. The windows are perfectly placed and span from floor to ceiling allowing you see the most perfect, uninterrupted magnificent Barcelona view.  This romantic Tibidabo experience is a far cry from screaming down a 180-degree drop of an over excited rollercoaster and if you add a cheeky glass of Cava or a delicious fruity cocktail, you’re away. If you’re lucky enough try to escape the lights and bustle of the city early evening and settle here in Tibidabo until the sun sets and the stars rise, during this time Barcelona really shines revealing it’s true beauty.

Tibidabo to Barcelona

The journey back down can be a little less romantic because after 8pm the tram retires subjecting you to the delights of a bus or Taxi, the two modes of transport not exactly oozing romance but both offering a practical solution. However, after a couple of hours tasting the sweet delights of the striking scenery, and delicious drinks, you probably won’t mind.
So, if you’re looking for a delicious  cocktail of romance, mixed with a astonishing Barcelona view and topped with the great Bar Mirablau Barcelona, make sure your Google search terminates here and follow this advice all the way up the mountain of Tibidabo! Kerry Jessop

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