Barcelona Vietnamese Restaurants that you need to know about

Barcelona is heaven for food lovers with mixed cultural gastronomy with respect and curiosity about the foreigners so it is not strange that many Barcelona Vietnamese Restaurants appeared in many corners of this wonderful city,  especially when Vietnamese cuisine becomes more popular in the world nowadays. Moreover, it  conquers Barcelona little by little by a balanced combination of sour, sweet and spicy, fresh ingredients and less oil usage in cooking. If you want to try the real Vietnamese food, we suggest you to go to one of 5 best Barcelona Vietnamese restaurants! They belong to native Vietnamese therefore they bring you the true taste of this popular Asian cuisine! Now, it's time to  quickly check what a food-loving Suitelife blogger offers you.....

La Vietnamita

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Vietnamese sandwich[/caption] Located in 2 crowded streets of Gracia and Born areas, LaVietnamita now is known much more as the best Barcelona Vietnamese restaurant offering the true Vietnamese fast food. However, unlike other kinds of fast food, this restaurant 's slogan is " Be food conscious" so all of its dishes are created by local fresh and healthy organic vegetables. With a base of rice and noodles, it also a perfect choices for vegetarians. Full of colorful vegetables but still keeping the best taste for each bite, its food really satisfies even the most difficult customers. Moreover, this Vietnamese restaurant also offers ready-to-go Vietnamese sandwiches - the world's best street food you have to try at least once in our life. Check out the menu  there Addresses: Torrent de l’Olla, 78 08012 (Gràcia)  or Carrer Comerç, 17 (Born) Phone: 935 18 18 03 Hours: 1:00 – 5:00 pm, 7:30 – 11:00 pm

Bun Bo Vietnam

Barcelona Vietnamese Restaurants – authentic food in the city Image
Last week, the first time I enjoyed the meal in Bun Bo Vietnamese restaurant, I felt like I was in Vietnam, my homeland, eating the most traditional and dedicate  dishes. This place is really amazing with a oriental and distinctive decoration and copious menu full of most popular food such as Vietnamese xoi chien nhan, rice balls with meat inside, lettuce rolls, spring and summer rolls, or pho soup, a plate that combines meat and rice. It also have wide range of special drinks such as beer and Vietnamese coffee  smelt like heaven. Let's go there in the Gothic Quarter and enjoy a stunning meal at the terrace for warmer days! Check out the menu  there Address: Calle Sagristans, 3

Hanoi and Hanoi II

Barcelona Vietnamese Restaurants – authentic food in the city Image
Following the success of first Hanoi restaurant, one of the first Barcelona Vietnamese restaurants, the owner decided to open the second one in Avenida de Sarria. Named after the capital of Vietnam, both restaurants offer high quality and flavorful Vietnamese dishes cooked by a native chef in elegant and fancy space. Especially, it is more varied with the addition of Thai and Chinese specialities. Even though the average price for dishes is a little bit higher than others ranging from 20-30 euros, it is still acceptable because of their  delicate flavors and unexpected combinations of ingredients. However, if you are on a budget, the perfect time to visit is at midday when they offer lunch courses with cheaper price than normal, for example only 10,90 € for the set lunch menu. Must-try: Beef with mandarin or Mussi shrimps Check out the menu  there Addresses:
  • Hanoi Plaça Doctor Letamendi, 27 08007 Barcelona Tel. 934 515 686 L-S 12:30-16 h y de 20:30-24 h. / D 12:30-16 h.
  • Hanoi II Av. Sarrià, 37 (Josep Tarradellas), 08029 Barcelona Tel. 93 444 1099 L-D 13:00-16:00 / 20:30-24:00

Indochine Ly Leap

Barcelona Vietnamese Restaurants – authentic food in the city Image
I am just an intern who is on a budget so I rarely come to this Barcelona Vietnamese restaurant because of its pricey menu but if you are in a generous mood and desire an outstanding and tasting menu, you should give it a try. The most attractive thing is its interior beautifully decorated like an Asian tropical garden with bamboo and fish all around. Also, it is really nice that  your dishes's colorful garnish are made from plants grown at the restaurant terrace by Ly Leap, the place owner. Some of the highlights on the classic menu include marinated chicken in ginger, garlic, soy, coriander and wrapped with lemon leaves and Green mango with caramelized pork meat. Just imagine you enjoy your dinner in an exotic landscape with tables set in an artificial pond with huge gold fish, it would definitely be an unique experience! Address:


[caption id="attachment_54827" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Barcelona Vietnamese Restaurants – authentic food in the city Image
Vietnamese style secreto de Iberico, marinated and sous vide on the grill[/caption] If you are an Asian food lover but want innovations and creations in cooking, this Barcelona Vietnamese restaurant is obviously the best option for you. The secret of its success is in the perfect fusion between 3 cuisines: Vietnamese, Catalan, and Cajun in all recipes inspired by 2 owners: one Vietnamese and another from Catalunia. Thus, you will have a chance to taste the most innovative plates such as bo luc lac (a salad of watercress and sauteed veal) or xao bahn (a Vietnamese crepe stuffed with vegetables).... You shouldn't miss the delicious bonita  a type of fish) and the "crawfish pot pie". The bonita was prepared in a roll that is covered in various delicacies and the presentation is gorgeous and mouth-watering. Also, order goat cheese cheesecake for dessert and you will be addicted after first bite. :)) Not only an excellent menu but also the service and the owner's hospitality  makes this place become one of the best Barcelona Vietnamese restaurants! Address: C/ Paris 162
Hours:  Wednesday to Friday 13-16h. Tuesday to Saturday  20: 45-23h
I believe that even if you are not an Asian food lover, you'd still love the stunning meals from these Barcelona Vietnamese restaurants. Therefore, visit one of them and give us your feedbacks as well!
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