Cheap Bars in Barcelona: More Drunkenness for Your Euro

There are some great cheap bars in Barcelona, in a sea of mostly expensive ones.  At SuiteLife, we like to drink on the cheap, and so we have curated for you some of the Barcelona's best cheap bars.


As far as cheap bars in Barcelona goes, this is a lively little dive bar in the Raval, which perfectly personifies the area.  It has a very retro and relaxing feel and is a very popular place to hang out or drink a few beers before a night out.  The bar is very Catalan and attracts a good mix of locals and expats who are in the know.  You can get Beer/wine for €2.50; Cocktails for €6; Mixed Drinks €5 and Shots €2 Map

Cheap Bars in Barcelona: Barcelona’s Best Cheap Bars Image


Filled with neon lights and retro 80’s decor, this place is for the young and hipsters.  It’s a cool 80’s punk bar that plays music ranging from 50’s to modern electro and serves up some of the best original cocktails in the city.  One of the more hip cheap bars in Barcelona for sure! Website Map Cheap Bars in Barcelona: Barcelona’s Best Cheap Bars Image


Ryans is the cheapest Irish pub in Barcelona and is always very popular.  The drinks are especially cheap if you get a Ryans loyalty card. Drinks: Bottled Beer (with card) €1, Shots (with Card) €1. Read more about it on our blog dedicated for the Irish Pubs in Barcelona. Website Map Cheap Bars in Barcelona: Barcelona’s Best Cheap Bars Image

El Nus

This is one of Barcelona’s oldest bars and it is certainly obvious when you walk in.  They have great stonewalls, dusty chandeliers and rustic wood furniture.  If you’re looking for an old-fashioned place to relax and a few cheap drinks in Barcelona then El Nus is the place for you, perfect for escaping from the crowd and enjoying some calming jazz music. Map

Maumau Underground

This Bar is a little off the beaten track in Poble Sec but it is a very cool and slightly clandestine joint and quite cheap too!  You will find a group of hip well-dressed artists, students and young professionals here sipping on one of the 25 different gins or a vintage cocktail.  The bar certainly looks the part, with low white sofas surrounded by pop art and bamboo sticks.  At first Glance this may not appear to be cheap but once you invest in their loyalty card for €12 annually you get great discounts and it is definitely worth it. Website Map

Yakuta Bar

This is a fun international bar at the bottom of Las Ramblas that attracts a diverse crowd that enjoy good music and interesting art.  If you buy a cocktail here you get a free shot (chupito) just to give you an extra kick.  You can also watch the biggest sports matches here and take advantage of their free wi-fi. Map

Dow Jones

At SuiteLife we love this bar, its great fun, has great food and if you don’t mind what you are drinking, you can get cheap drinks.  The pricing for drinks in Dow Jones is governed by stock market principals, if a drink is in demand then it is expensive and if not then it is cheap.  So if you know anything about economics you would know that once a drink gets cheaper it becomes more popular and the price goes up.  Read more about Dow Jones on our Dow Jones Bar blog. Website Map


If you like shots and choosing from more than 200 different types, then Chupitos is what you are looking for.  There are two Chupitos bars in Barcelona and they are both great fun.  The shots are €2 each.  Read more about Chupitos Here. Website Map Cheap Bars in Barcelona: Barcelona’s Best Cheap Bars Image

The Ovella Negra Taverna (The Black Sheep Tavern)

Cheap bars in Barcelona don't get much better than this. The Ovella Negra is a great place to go with friends and drink lots of cheap beer.    They serve ½ a litre of San Miguel for €3 and they also serve giant chilled pitchers of beer for sharing with your friends.  If you buy the big pitcher it works out to be quite the bargain, and you will have lots of fun guaranteed.  Read more about The Ovella Negra here. Website Map


This is another great Barcelona bar that is cheap when you go with friends.  This is because you can buy huge 13 litre pitchers of mixed drinks to share between your friends.  Pippermint is a pretty famous in Barcelona and usually very popular.  It’s a great place for a party. Website Map Cheap Bars in Barcelona: Barcelona’s Best Cheap Bars Image


The first bar I went to after arriving in Barcelona was "Nevermind". The thing I liked about it is that it's different from American bars which I am used to. The majority of the crowd in Nevermind consists of "skaters" and "hipsters". They come here for the Alternative and Hard Rock music which can always be heard in the bar. One of the most amazing features of this bar is their mini-ramp which is located in the back of the bar. I do not fit either of the stereo types which are attracted to this bar but what does attract me is the reasonably priced beer. For about 3,50 you can get yourself two Heineken and look at the skaters showing off their skills. Cheap Bars in Barcelona: Barcelona’s Best Cheap Bars Image
Barcelona is definitely one of the easiest cities in the world to have a great time but its also really easy to spend tons of money on alcohol and fall into one of the many tourist traps. But have no fear! The bars I just mentioned and talked about are great places to go to have a great time and not having to spend lots of money on small quantities of alcohol. I hope you have a great time at the best cheap bars in Barcelona! I hoped you have all enjoyed reading this Blog and have gathered all the information to have an amazing cheap night in Barcelona. If you know about any other cheap bars in Barcelona that should be in this list let us know and we will add it too our list! If you know of any other cool cheap bars in Barcelona we would to love to hear about them. Cheers Matthew and Ryan

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