The Antic Teatre: A Cheap, Secret And Local Bar In Barcelona

A hidden gem of Barcelona is this secret bar in the El Born neighborhood! We've already written about secret bars in Barcelona but today we will let you in on a secret! If you're looking for alternative cultural events/shows, a secret place for locals and cheap drinks, then The Antic Teatre is gonna be your favorite place ever!
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Antic Teatre – Cheap, Secret Bar In Barcelona Image
The Antic Teatre can be found next to the Palau de la Musica Catalana (Urquinaona Metro Station), in a narrow street which doesn't let you believe that this fairytale of a place could possibly be existing! To access the theater/bar, you have to enter through a small door (just like in Alice in Wonderland! How awesome is that!?) then take the stairs. As you go up the stairs, you will hear, little by little the hum from people enjoying themselves, which will lead you further in to the discovery of a parallel world. Perched upon the terrace, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden below, often crowded with locals, artists and young hipsters. Antic Teatre – Cheap, Secret Bar In Barcelona Image
You can sit on the terrace or in the garden enjoying your 2€ beer or 3€ glass of wine - that's right I didn't lie about cheap drinks (they also make a hell of a Mojito!!) you can participate in all kinds of alternative shows: music, dance, poetry readings, exhibitions, etc. Antic Teatre – Cheap, Secret Bar In Barcelona Image
The best time to visit the bar is obviously during the Spring and Summer but the shows take place inside during the winter and it's not as if Barcelona is a cold city, so you'll still survive in the garden year round. Don't wait any longer, run for it! Check out more information about L'Antic Teatre. Check out the following blog if you have more interest in cheap bars in Barcelona! Have you been there? Do you have any other suggestions for secret bars in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments below!

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