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Do you often go to the cinema and love talking about movies? Do you always keep up-to-date with upcoming movies or movie news? If you're a film buff, just want to be in a cool themed bar/coffee shop, here are the 5 best movie-themed bars in Barcelona to get you in the mood for a film night.

1. Polaroid - 80's Retro Bar

The first place in our favorite movie-themed spots in Barcelona is Polaroid Bar. Although I was born during the 90s, 80s movies like The Karate Kid or Terminator were part of my childhood. So, when I discovered the hidden bar named “Polaroid”, I felt like I had travelled back in time and was a kid again. Hidden in a small alley of Barri Gòtic, with its 80’s themed décor, the bar is full of retro things such as Polaroid photos, old films playing on the screen, cassettes and so on. The dimly lit walls are covered with vinyl, VHS tapes, cameras, and film posters of famous movies from E.T to Dirty Dancing, bringing it a funky, relaxing and friendly atmosphere. The bar also features a good choice of music from classic rock bands such as Nirvana, Guns and Roses or Pearl Jam. It is very interesting while reading the menus as you can recognize very familiar 80s characters such as Mr Miyagi or Sarah Connor (from Terminator). The price for beer or cocktails is reasonable. You can order a bucket of five beers with free popcorn for 10 EUR or a fruity mojito for 6 EUR. And the cocktails all have cool names inspired by retro-movies! Address: Carrer dels Còdols, 29 Top 5 Themed Bars In Barcelona Image

2. Dry Martini - James Bond bar

Dry Martini is definitely the type of bar that you often see in movies: classical, elegant and sleek bars. When you walk in to the bar, you'll feel like you're on the set of a James Bond movie. It has an English vibe with large armchairs, benches, dim lighting, plush fabrics and dark wood. Being internationally recognised as one of the best 50 bars in the world in 2014, Dry Martini is founded by the cocktail master Mr Javier de las Muelas who gives a lot of cocktail lectures if you want to know the craft behind the drink. It serves excellent cocktails and food with very professional and friendly staff, all dressed in white suits. It is also enchanting to watch the bartenders preparing the drinks with enthusiasm. Dry Martini is perfect for every occasion,  from formal meetings, first dates to a proposal! You can also check out our blog Top 25 places to take a first date Address: Carrer Aribau 162 - 166 Top 5 Themed Bars In Barcelona Image

3. Bharma - Lost bar

Located in Sant Marti, Bharma is a themed bar inspired by the popular TV series "Lost". From the decor to the names of sandwiches & tapas, the owner has paid the closest attention to detail in order to recreate the "Lost" atmosphere. Some of the special features of the bar are a replica oceanic flight 815 stuck in the wall, the hatch door, Sawyer’s letter, and even the "Bharma Initiative" beer with the Dharma logo. During the show's peak, Jorge Garcia, a member of the cast, visited the bar during his stay in Barcelona. Since its opening in 2008, Bharma acts as a regular refuge for not only "Lost" fans but also for fans of other legendary TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead. The biggest pro of Bharma is that it usually organizes special meeting nights to celebrate movie events or special episodes. For example, it has broadcasted on big screens the Academy Awards, the epic finale of Breaking Bad or the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones. About 2 weeks ago, to celebrate the 48th anniversary of the legendary Star Trek, the bar had many activities such as  showing famous episodes, discussions, contests, and workshops. So, if you are a fan of US-UK TV series, you will definitely love this cozy bar where you can make many new friends sharing the same interests. Address: Carrer de Pere IV, 93 Top 5 Themed Bars In Barcelona Image

4. El Laurel - Best empanadas in town

El Laurel is a good place to stop by before going to a cinema. It is considered as a hidden treasure for locals.  El Laurel is an Argentinian cinema bar located in Sant Antoni and just opposite the Cines Renoir being one of a few cinemas having movies in the original language. Because the cinema and the bar work together, they offer amazing deals of a meal + cinema ticket. For example, for 15 EUR "Cena de Cine" deal on week days, you will have 1 movie entrance ticket, 3 empanadas, a nice salad of arrugula, parmesan and a medium-sized drink. Most customers come to El Laurel for empanadas which are incredibly delicious and there are many options for both veggies and meaties. It is a busy spot so I suggest you to come early. Address: Carrer de Floridablanca, 140 Top 5 Themed Bars In Barcelona Image

5. Pudding - Alice In The Wonderland

Last but not least, we want to introduce Pudding - the lovely coffee shop inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Pudding was opened by a French woman who has definitely brought a unique and quirky decor to the place. The massive mushrooms, bookshelves, a roof of red and white stripes, the interesting lights, the painted doors and jazz soundtracks all together will surprise you. The place attracts many young travelers, group of friends and families. If you have kids, be sure to bring them with you because they will love Pudding so much.  The concept of Pudding is: Eat+Play+Think.  The owner wants to create a fun atmosphere for kids expressing new ideas through different activities. This is the perfect place for a delicious brunch and fresh home made cakes. The fantastic cakes are served with generous portions. I recommend the carrot cakes and the quiche here. The friendly atmosphere, the beautiful decoration, the good food quality and price will let you want to come back here soon. Address: Carrer de Pau Claris 90 Top 5 Themed Bars In Barcelona Image
If you know any interesting themed bars in Barcelona then we love to hear about them, leave us comments below. In the mean time, check out our The most unique bars in Barcelona and our e-book Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Barcelona ~Trang

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