Vietnamese Restaurant in Barcelona :“Back in Florida, Pho is like the new sushi.”

While there are many cuisines and restaurants , Vietnamese restaurant in Barcelona is not usually one that first comes to mind. As a lover of Pho (and not a huge fan of Spanish food, sorry), I have been determined to find out where the good Pho restaurants are in Barcelona, and share them with SuiteLife readers. Vietnamese Restaurant in Barcelona: Pho Bar Image
I was introduced to the Vietnamese food trend by my older brother, the king of hipsters himself, who discovered the cheap and delicious lunch fare, just a mile or so away from our house. After one try, I already felt myself hooked on the spicy, salty soup. But it was around this same time that I decided to come to Spain, and as I jetted off to Catalunya, I left my latest food obsession long behind without a second thought. Thus, when I found out there was a Pho Bar just a 12 minute walk from our office I felt no shame in begging my co-worker Sarka to accompany me as I went in pursuit of, one of a few, new Vietnamese restaurant in Barcelona.

What Is IT?

Pho Bo is a Vietnamese noodle soup made from beef broth; thin slices of boiled beef, your choice of basil, cilantro, scallions, and beansprouts (likely all four), lime, and a variety of sauces from fishy to hot. The fine selection of textures and flavors is guaranteed to satisfy any food craving you may have from sweet and salty, to hot, to sour, to crunchy, to smooth and savory.I absolutely love the exotic flavors of ethnic food, especially Asian and Indian, because they can't be easily duplicated at home and coming from a vegetarian background, it is always important to me that vegetables be somewhere on the menu.  Furthermore, Pho can be spiced to your liking (for me, extra spicy) using the sixth and most important food group - Siracha. Vietnamese Restaurant in Barcelona: Pho Bar Image

How does it work?

They bring you a bowl of noodles and throw the beef in. Then, you will get to combine the veggies and flavorings, tweaking your soup to perfection. This process is great because I love to eat but I hate to spend money on food that I don’t like. Having something to work from and ingredients at my disposal is the best combination of laziness and creativity I can get when eating out.  And I know many people are turned off by the idea of eating soup as a main course but rest assured Pho Bo is not going to leave you starving. The trick is the mix of hearty (beef) and light ingredients (broth and vegetables) that fills you up without weighing you down.

Where can I get it?

Pho Bar Barcelona, like many Vietnamese restaurants in Barcelona, offers a moderately priced lunch menu of several courses. The first course consists of a spring roll (vegetarian or regular) or a salad, the second course is the main course of pho bo or another type of Vietnamese soup or noodle dish, and the last course is a dessert of either fruit or fruit flavored ice cream. Vietnamese Restaurant in Barcelona: Pho Bar Image
This restaurant is located at Sepulveda Street 159 , 08011 Barcelona and open for lunch and dinner, with a siesta in the middle. When we went, we were the only customers at first but the place gradually filled up right around 2:30 p.m. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a table as these places are new and haven’t quite caught on with the locals yet (give it a few years!). If you live a ways away from Eixample, you might want to conduct your own search for Pho and let us know where it is! As we walked home from the first Pho bar, we actually spotted another one of the Vietnamese restaurants in Barcelona “Restaurant City Ho Chi Minh,” offering a similar lunch menu AND a half liter of wine for a cheaper price. Something tells me these places are sprinkled all over Barcelona… Have you ever had Pho before? What is your favorite Asian cuisine or Vietnamese restaurant in Barcelona? Bon Appétit Kathy PS: If you're interested in making your own Pho, or just learning more about it, I highly recommend the blog located here.

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