Gay Cafes in Barcelona : Not Quantity But Quality !

Gay Cafes in Barcelona : Have A Drink ! Image
In continuation of our gay series 'Barcelona: From the Rear,' this week's topic will be about Gay Cafes in Barcelona and how to find one. If you read our earlier post in the series, the next statement won't come as a surprise by now: there aren't any particular 'gay' cafes per se - we know, we know - by now you are probably wondering how the hell Barcelona has managed to snatch the prestigious title of 'most gay-friendly city.' Just hear us out for a second and you'll understand where the Spaniards are coming from - at least the gay ones. The Barcelona gay scene target market segment are tourists and locals who prefers a wilder night out, here is where they make most of their profits and that's why most of the places found in the city are discotheques, bars, etc. This doesn't mean there aren't any places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in a tranquil gay atmosphere because most of these bars are transformed during the day into coffeeshops - not many but some - so everything is not lost. So we'll discuss the best places you can find a nice, warm cup of coffee to sooth that hangover from the previous night.

1. Cafe San Telmo

Gay Cafes in Barcelona : Have A Drink ! Image
We start off our list with Cafe San Telmo, a cafe/restaurant located along Carrer de Casanova near the Avinguda Diagonal. It is not particularly a Gay Cafe but a large number of the clientele are gay. You can go there in the morning and enjoy your coffee out on their open air terrace or in the early evening where you can ponder the evening ahead in a low-key place - after all, the key bars and clubs are just on the other side of the Avinguda Diagonal. Cafe San Telmo is one of those places that (because of their narrow bar) has an appealingly busy feel, with big windows that reveals the crowds and traffic of nearby Avinguda Diagonal. We would definitely recommend this locale for a coffee or a beer because its atmosphere is  friendly and familiar. These traits are the reasons why Cafe San Telmo made it on our list of gay cafes in Barcelona.

2. Libreria Antinous

Gay Cafes in Barcelona : Have A Drink ! Image
Antinous makes our list once again but this time as a Gay Cafes in Barcelona rather than a gay bookstore (which is better known for). This, to our opinion, is the closest to a gay coffeeshop than any of the other. Like we mentioned in our 'Gay Bookstores in Barcelona' article earlier this month, Antinous is both a bookshop and a coffeeshop for gay men and women, it is a perfect spot for browsing the latest in gay leterature, enjoying a great cup of coffee and learning more about community events and organized gatherings. Even if you don't buy any of their books, you can still go and get a hit of that needed caffeine. As you can see from our article, there are very few Gay Cafes in Barcelona one can go to during the morning or afternoon but of course, one shouldn't limit themselves to these bars. Barcelona has an array of coffeeshops that are worth the visits. So what do you prefer? Your coffee in the mornings or evenings? Let us know.

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