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Ojos de Brujo originated in Barcelona. the group’s name ('Eyes of the Sorcerer') refers to a way of looking at the world and everything in it with a certain degree of depth and wisdom, something similar to reading between the lines, as the group members explained. Some of Barcelona's most famous musicians, they formed the group Ojos de Brujo in 1996 after continuous jam sessions in the Raval neighbourhood, where the founders often used to meet at Carrer dels Escudellers number 6 with a lot of other now world famous musicians. The place turned into a Mecca for all kinds of musicians from North Africa, Southern Europe, and Latin America. People used to meet each other and improvise or even perform live in the streets for free.
Great names came out of this melting pot, making some of Barcelona's most famous musicians such as Manu Chao, Macaco, Che Sudaka, Amparanoia and of course Ojos de Brujo. And the list goes on. The sound of the band comes from this melting pot, the basic source is Flamenco and the fusion is accomplished by a range of influences from Indian tablas, drum and bass, hip hop, and many other sounds such as the Cuban or Caribbean warmth that is very noticeable on their latest album Aocana. Ojos de Brujo consist of eight people which are:
Barcelona’s Most Famous Musicians – Ojos de Brujo Image

After their first album which was brought out by a multinational they soon discovered the needed to bring out their own label and take matters into their own hands: Fabrica de colores was born. In 2002 their second album, Bari, came out on their own label, Fabrica de colores. This move to have more control over their work paid off. This album was highly acclaimed and well received internationally. A promotional tour of their albums took them to festivals around the world, to the United States of America, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Colombia, Morocco, Portugal, Cuba, Hungary, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Italy and many other countries. Nowadays Ojos de Brujo from Barcelona are touring the world and have played on every continent. They won music awards and played at major festivals. In April last year they released their fourth album. The titles of their albums are in Calo the gypsy language. After “Vengue” a “calo“ word for the Spanish word “duende” which refers to a presence of a unified feeling that occurs when flamenco music is being played. The second album “Bari” ("joya, esencia y virtud" en caló) which means jewel, essence, and virtue and their third album “Techari” which means “libre” in Spanish, free in English.
Barcelona’s Most Famous Musicians – Ojos de Brujo Image
On the 20th of February of 2006 they brought out their third album Techari, which was a collaboration of multiple disciplines of artists and musicians that share the common goal of unifying the emotions of flamenco and other styles of music and art. They work with like minded, free spirited people capable of bringing new colours to the world and have collaborated with Nitin Sawhney and Pepe Habichuela amongst others. They brought out a deluxe edition with graffiti art and a DVD of their concert in Barcelona, and also a documentary about the band with extras. Their fourth and latest album “Aocana”, which means ‘right now’, has a more warm Caribbean sound to it thanks to the new band member, Carlitos Sarduy. He started as a temporary substitute and has grown into the group. He also is the father of Maria's child and an important member of Ojos de Brujo, Barcelona's most famous musicians.
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Track from the third album "Techari"  Corre Lola Corre!

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