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Aren't you just so annoyed with all those entrance fees, anywhere you go? Sagrada Familia, Gaudi, Clubs, just.. Anything? Well I know I am. You end up with tons of little entrance tickets in your wallet leaving you with no space for that 100 euro bill you just found on the ground. Well I found out something that will get you anywhere, without all those tickets! You must have heard of them. Or seen them. These city cards that just get you inside anywhere. Either for free or with a discount. The card that I am talking about are called Barcelona Card, or Barcelona City Card.

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Barcelona City Card: All You Need To Know Image
Now that I've got your interest, let me tell you what you can actually do with them. I'm going to let you in on a little secret: you can do a lot! Let me list you a few things what you can do with these Barcelona Cards. They can be used as public transport tickets (for the airport transfers as well). So if you would have a 5 day Barcelona Card, you wouldn't need to buy any public transport tickets, you can just use these cards, which would already save you on quite some money. But the 'free' public transport isn't the best thing about these cards. It's the discounts. The free entrees for certain cultural activities, such as getting into the Sagrada Familia, Museums, and attractions. I am not going to list you all the things you can do with them, because that long, tedious list would just bore you out and I don't want that to happen! Oh, and you can get a free Harbour Cruise with these Barcelona Cards! Trust me, it is so, so worth it to get them. Oh, and if you don't know where to go besides the Sagrada Familia when you think of churches, please check out this amazing blog about the most gorgeous churches of Barcelona! Or if you are just lost on what to do, please check out this blog for awesome ideas to do in Gracia!

I want them!

I know what you're thinking. Where can I get these amazing City Cards for Barcelona? Well, there are actually two options of how you can buy them. You can buy them either online or at tourist offices. However, I think it might be easier for you to buy them online when you're at home before getting around town, but if you don't have a printer obviously this isn't possible. In that case you should get to one of the tourist information centres and just get a Barcelona Card there! I have listed a few tourist information centres for you, saving you the trouble! (Now if that isn't considerate I don't know what is) Barcelona City Card: All You Need To Know Image
- Barcelona Airport: One office in each Terminal Open daily from 08.30 to 20.30 h except 01/01 and 25/12. -Barcelona's main train station of Sants Open daily from 8 to 20 h except 01/01 and 25/12. -Columbus monument in the port at the beginning of la Rambla Open daily from 9.30 to 15.30 h except 01/01 and 25/12. -Placa de Catalunya, right on the square in the basement Open daily from 8.30 to 20.30 h except 01/01 and 25/12. (please exchange your mobile voucher here) -Placa de Sant Jaume - next to the city hall Open Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 20 h, Saturday 9 to 17 h, Sundays and holidays from 9 to 14 h except 01/01 and  25/12. Like I said, you can also buy them online, so I've found you 1, 2, 3 websites where you can buy them. I can give you the cheapest one, but that would be the cheapest one at this moment. They tend to change their prices for competitive reasons (with discounts for example), so I think it might be better for you to check on the date you want the Barcelona Cards to figure out which website would be the cheapest one. However, my guess is the price differences will stay around a few euros, so it might not matter too much.

Nightlife Barcelona Card

Barcelona City Card: All You Need To Know Image
For the party animals among us, there is also this Barcelona Card for clubbing. However, this is a rather expensive one. The card usually sells for 1 night, but you can opt for several nights. This Barcelona Card will get you into 14 clubs over 1 night, for the price of €26,95. With this card you won't have to pay any entrances fees at any of the 14 clubs. There is a rather extensive list on which 14 clubs these are, but some of them are the famous clubs like Opium, Shoko and CDLC. If you don't like one club, you usually stay there because you've paid the entrance fee. With this card you can just walk in and out and get to that other club you also want to check out. So no need to worry about any lost money! And, which is even better, you don't have to wait in line! So if you want to make the most out of your night out, make sure to get this Barcelona Card for nightlife! So please follow my advice and get one of these cards. They will definitely make your life easier and so much more fun in Barcelona! You just have to try them out! So that was it for today, much love! Untill next time, ~Tjeerd

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