Models Barcelona: What Barcelona Modelling Has to Offer?

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Everyone knows that Barcelona is one of that most fashionable cities in the world! Modelling in Barcelona gives you the opportunity to be the next "Top Model" or just to start a new and exciting hobby or to earn some extra cash - there is a lot of reasons to start and nothing to lose! This blog with take you step by step toward the modeling scene in Barcelona and will tell you about top Barcelona models - it is time to start the journey of a lifetime!

Modelling in Barcelona… what is the industry like in this city?!

That's the question! The industry is vibrant and crazy with a lot of to offer! Events, castings, modelling schools, the best photographers and a lot more is waiting for you in Barcelona!

Let’s start BIG!

Barcelona’s fashions shows are not only BIG but they are AMAZING! Modelling in Barcelona is a never ending story, there is something going on all year round! Barcelona Fashion Weeks and Fashion Shows bring together the best spanish celebrities, reach people from different countries, the most popular bloggers, and people in love with fashion! The experience is unforgettable for models and for the audience! Dressing up, getting hair styled, putting lots of make-up to finally spend a few minutes on runway wearing clothes from the best designers and the most well-known brands! This is what a lot of models would've to experience and this is what Barcelona can offer you!

Modelling in Barcelona! What else…. EVENTS! A lot of them, what means a lot of possibilities!

Have you ever heard of Fresh Faces? It is annual modelling contest where people from over 150 countries compete to be named Fresh Face of the year! The Fresh Faces contest final last year took place in BARCELONA. Modelling in Barcelona is just like this competition: exciting, with a lot of things happening! Models Barcelona: Discover a World of Modelling Image
Some of the annual fashion shows in Barcelona:
  • Denim by Premiere Vision  19-20.11.2014 place Montjuïc - Fira Barcelona (THIS YEAR)
  • Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week - a three day event of wedding bliss. Official days of the event 05-10,2015, GranVia – Fira Barcelona
  • Barcelona Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015
  • Barcelona Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014-2015
  • Mango’s ‘Rock it Up’ Collection Show
  • Barcelona Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014
  • Celia Vela at 080 Barcelona Fashion – more information available on the website, but sorry still no dates (
(If modelling in Barcelona is something what you are interested in, you should check our free ebook about fashion in the city! )

Ok… but what next…? Is there anything else! Yes, a lot of castings!

You can find some every week! Because of castings, models' lives are crazy busy. Some of the castings are huge, with hundreds of people come just to try to get a whisper of a job. It is an exciting place to be, to find out what the modelling world is about,  to make new friends in the industry, to find out about the latest news from the modelling world... and this is the best occasion to learn confidence!  Wanna know how to start your career in modeling in Barcelona? Read on!

Do you know any famous models from Barcelona????

That’s a good question, so… do you? Yes, you’ve seen their faces a lot of times, just you didn’t realised that one day they decided to start their carriers in modeling in Barcelona! Models Barcelona: Discover a World of Modelling Image
Judit Masco – model, television host and writer from Barcelona She has been hired for a lot of high-profile campaigns in the past and she is the only Spanish model who has appeared on the cover of US Vogue. She was a face of a variety of advertising campaigns. Featured in most major fashion magazines around the globe, like: Elle, Cleo, Glamour, Marie Claire. As a catwalk model she appeared in shows of designers such as Armani, Dolce& Gabbana, Valentino and more. The best Spanish model of the 1990s. Models Barcelona: Discover a World of Modelling Image
Vanessa Lorenzo – model and actor from Barcelona She has been featured in a lot of magazines like: Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and covered some of the best: Neo, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, Vogue. Worked for the most famous companies and known designers: Pepe Jeans, Escada, Giorgio Armani, L’Oreal, Saint Laurent, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Christian Dior. At this moment she is in a relationship with FC Barcelona captain, Carlos Puyol with whom she has one child. Models Barcelona: Discover a World of Modelling Image
Oriol Elcacho – Spanish male model from Barcelona
He ranks No. 12 on MODELS.COM’s Top 25 list, “The Money Guys”. He is the best known for being the face of BVLGARI’s AQVA. He worked with a lot of famous brands like: Valentino, Polo Ralph Lauren, Custo Barcelona, Gap and appeared in a lot of magazines covers. He was on runway of Ralph Laurent, Paul Smith, Chanel.

OK! Let’s get to some details.

You're interested in modelling world? You are good looking? You have something unique and different? You have personality and skills? You wanna try something new? You wanna be a top model? The world of modelling in Barcelona is waiting for you! The modelling industry is not only about the pretty faces. Basically, a lot of people have a chance to find something for themselves. The modelling industry includes print modelling, runway modelling, promotion modelling, trade show modeling, underwear modeling, petite or plus-size modeling - you just have to be patient to find something that will suit your predispositions.


You might say it is not easy to start modelling in Barcelona, but that's where you're wrong. First you have to find an agency, but not just any agency! You must check what they do exactly, what their offer is, and who are they looking for, and who they work with. Based on those facts you can decide if the agency would be good for you to establish your personal goals. They must be as excited to work with you as you are to work with them. And remember the biggest and the best agencies are not always the best choice as they have a lot of people already working for them, and since they will likely work with models looking almost just like you, be aware that you can end up not having as many job opportunities as you might with a small agency. There are a lot of agencies in Barcelona you just have to google them, and check their websites. We can suggest you as well to check the website where you will find not only agencies, but a lot of usuful infromation about the modeling world as well. Remember that finding just the agency is not enough, as the modeling in Barcelona is really competitive – there are a lot of good looking faces like yours! You need:
  • Personality
  • Some experience ex. in some photographers projects, volunteering to do charity fashion show etc.
  • It is really useful to take some classes in acting.
  • Or simple some classes in modelling to be confident in what you are going to do in the future. Check our choice of the course.
Models Barcelona: Discover a World of Modelling Image

SO what next?

You have found some agencies with which you would make a good match and you started working on getting some experience and you know exactly what you want. Now it is time for starting big things! Check how can you approach the agencies – look for some forms to fill out on their websites and guidelines. You will need photos of course! You can get some professional snapshots or just ask your friend to take some (remember you are just starting, agencies want to see you, how you really look as you are not a professional, so keep the photos the same way - just some good ‘snapshots’ without too much makeup and in a natural lighting). The good way to find a job is to join casting calls as you can show the real you, not just your photos (Find out how to prepare for casting). When you want to start building your own portfolio then you must get some professional shots, as only this way you will be able to stand out by showing your best looks. Modelling in Barcelona is a big industry so you will find a lot of professional photographers with experience, so you really don't have to worry about this. Your portfolio will be helpful when visiting agencies or attending castings as well, but not the necessary in the beginning. In the fashion industry you have to be really patient, as nothing happens in one day. Remember there are a lot of people who are contacting agencies like you are going to do. Choosing the best people takes time and you never know what agencies are looking for exactly.

If you never chase your dreams you will never catch them!

After a while you will get your first job and everything will start - testing your skills, look and talent in the modelling world, and maybe one day you will be one of the most famous models in Barcelona! It is important to remember that a large part of modeling is finding your own individual style, look, and pose.  No two high-profile models look the same, and they tend to be very creative.  Learn how to work with the camera and your photographer to try out different types of poses and work on channeling different emotions during your shoots.  Have fun and be interactive with the camera! Remember you need to have your own style and look that no one else can offer. Always be yourself and treat this as a hobby and just enjoy world of Modeling in Barcelona! ~Natalia~

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