What to do & see around Barcelona Placa Reial ?

Barcelona party animals, tourists and restaurant lovers, this could be your ultimate playground! So, you've spent the day at one of Barcelona's beautiful beaches, and you wonder into the city, where are you going to go? [caption id="attachment_9152" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Barcelona Placa Reial – Top 10 Best Things to See and Do around! Image
Keeping it Reial![/caption] Barcelona Placa Reial (in Catalan) situated just off Las Ramblas is one of Barcelona's most famous, if not THE most famous square. "Famous for what?" I hear you ask. Well, for many things, but for me personally, it's been one of my favourite nightspots since I arrived in Barcelona over a year ago. Barcelona Placa Reial is a huge, beautifully designed square in the Barri Gòtic area. Designed by Francesc Daniel Molina I Casamajó, it was built in 1848 on the remains of the Santa Madrona Capuchin monastery. It is also home to some of Antoni Gaudi's earliest work. A set of lamps he designed for the Barcelona council which are by no means the focal point of this beautiful Spanish Plaza, but interesting all the same as it was the first work Gaudi was commissioned to do for the government of Barcelona. Each lamp has a plaque on the floor with his name on. As I said before, these lamps are not the most famous of Gaudi's work and most people don't even notice them, so make sure you get a picture of this little Barcelona secret! [caption id="attachment_9153" align="alignright" width="333"]Barcelona Placa Reial – Top 10 Best Things to See and Do around! Image
Gaudi's First Commissioned Work![/caption]


In the centre of the Barcelona Placa Reial is a classically designed fountain where many people gather and take in the atmosphere. It's known as the "Fountain of Three Graces", which refers to the statue of the three women. The women are said to be the daughters of Zeus; Euphrsyne, Aglaea, and Thalia, representing beauty, charm, and joy which I think sums up this beautiful plaza quite well.


During the day, you will find people lazing around this square, eating in the many Tapas restaurants and drinking coffee, basking in the glorious Spanish sunshine. The square is surrounded by many Tapas restaurants, my favourite being Les Quinze Nits, which offers some of the finest Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant in Barcelona enjoys one of the greatest reputations and is a training restaurant for up-and-coming chefs. As they are still in "training", they can't charge ridiculous prices, but you get top quality food, it's a win-win situation but means you often have to wait up to an hour just to get a table. Les Quinze Nits is part of a group of restaurants in Barcelona which also own my absolute favourite Catalan restaurant, La Dolca Herminia, which truly deserves it's own blog article [I'll get to work on that one]. Barcelona Placa Reial really comes to life at night. My friends and I hang out here in the summer, drinking beers from "the beer men" before we head into one of the many nightclubs in Barcelona.


Placa Reial is home to one of my favourite clubs "Sidecar Factory Club" (Plaça Reial 7), where they have live acts and great DJ's playing a selection of Rock & Pop music. Check out their website for up and coming events! [caption id="attachment_9154" align="aligncenter" width="298"]Barcelona Placa Reial – Top 10 Best Things to See and Do around! Image
Jamboree Night Club - Music Venue[/caption] Other great nightclubs and music venues in Barcelona Placa Reial are the almighty Jamboree & Tarantos (two clubs located at the same address) where I have spent many a night partying until the early hours of the morning listening to Funk, HipHop and R&B. Jamboree has live Jazz sessions and Tarantos offers the best Flamenco shows in Barcelona, complete with dancers and crowds who holla' "Ole!!, Ole!!" after each song finishes, a true Spanish experience not to be missed. (Plaça Reial 17, Entry to the club costs €10 and includes a drink which is (believe it or not) below the average cost to enter a nightclub in Barcelona.


[caption id="attachment_9292" align="alignright" width="150"]Barcelona Placa Reial – Top 10 Best Things to See and Do around! Image
The Pipa Club Barcelona - A Secret Place Even Sherlock Couldn't Find[/caption] Whilst discussing ideas for things we could include in this blog, Ranald asked me if I had been to the Pipa Club in Placa Reial. I thought about it but for life of me, could not remember seeing any clubs in Placa Reial called The Pipa Club. He started to describe this secret smoking club in Barcelona, a small bar/club with pool tables and a "Sherlock Holmes" theme. I instantly remembered being at this place and recalled that I had thought it was somebody's (elaborate) apartment. "YES!", Ranny explained that it is basically a huge apartment which has been converted into a club. [caption id="attachment_9293" align="alignleft" width="268"]Barcelona Placa Reial – Top 10 Best Things to See and Do around! Image
Tally Ho' Old Boy[/caption] The Barcelona Pipa Club (The Barcelona Pipe Club - hence the Sherlock Holmes theme) was created in 1980 as a non-profit association. Apparently, it now has as many as 400 members! It's a club for " pipe smokers" but they also welcome non-pipe-smokers, a good business decision I'm sure you would agree. They have a warm ethos and their website informs you that you'll receive "a warm welcome: there's room for everyone and it's easy to find something to your liking - friendship, conversation, drinks, live jazz, gastronomic sampling or a superb meal - part of life's small pleasures and the club's philosophy."

Top 10 Things to See and Do in and Around Placa Reial: Addresses

1. Guadí's Lamp Posts: Right in the centre of the plaza, just next to the main fountain. 2. Taxidermista restaurant: Plaza Reial, 8. 3. Les Quince Nits restaurant: Placa Reial, 6. 4. Pipa Club: Placa Reial, 3. 5. Jamboree: Placa Reial, 13. 6. SideCar: Placa Reial, 7. 7. Bar 13: Calle de la Lleona, 13. 8. Hare Krishna: c/ Escudellers, 14. 9. Fountain: Right in the centre of Placa Reial. 10. Flea Market : Right in the centre of Plaza Real, Sundays after 2:30 pm. So SuiteLifers, I hope you enjoy your party night out in Barcelona Placa Reial. Go to our Facebook page and let us know about your adventures in this truly magical Royal Square. Yours, BH

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