Gay Pride Barcelona – Be Proud For GayPride!

Gay Pride Barcelona – Be Proud For GayPride! Image
In my previous blog that was both for us and our straight friends, I quickly mentioned the Gay Pride Barcelona  as one of the festivals you CANNOT miss out on! Well, of course I am going to talk a lot about Gay Pride Barcelona, because just one paragraph? That is just not-done for such a big, marvellous, fabulous, outrageous, astonishing event! This blog will about what Gay Pride actually is, why Gay Pride is so awesome, and most importantly; what to do during the Gay Pride Barcelona!

"Gay rights are human rights"

Gay Pride Barcelona – Be Proud For GayPride! Image
Yeah, let's start off with some serious business. The boring, yet interesting, and must-know stuff of our fab lives. Gay Pride is not just a random festival, some random parties thrown together. Gay Pride is what it stands for; PRIDE. Proud to be Lesbian / Gay / Bi / Transgender (LGBT). Pride is there to promote their / our self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights and to increase their visibility as a social group. But it is also there to build community and to celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Phew. So that was the serious stuff about what Gay Pride actually stands for. Some people may argue that it is lame that we actually need something like Pride to be approved / liked / known, or whatever you want to call it. But to be honest, in countries like this (Spain, obviously), it isn't really there anymore to show how we are, but just an excuse for another party. An insane party. Of course the main reason is all mentioned above, but in general, do the teenagers nowadays actually know what Gay Pride stands for besides partying? Well I hope they do know that in some countries being gay is NOT allowed so it is important that things like this exist to create a community of support.

Sixpacks, Penises, Parties.

Gay Pride Barcelona – Be Proud For GayPride! Image
Now Gay Pride is more than just seriousness. Obviously. We gays are known for something. And that something is parties. (And our fabulous clothing, but what else did all those people expect us doing in that closet for such a long-ass time?) And where are our greatest parties? During gay festivals. When is there just one bunch of festivals / parties clammed up in a short period? That's right. Gay Pride. And Circuit Festival. But this blog is about the Gay Pride Barcelona, so I'm sticking to that. What makes the parties during Gay Pride just so amazing? Well, if you are gay yourself, it won't be too hard to answer; The men. My god. Where the hell do they hide out all year long? The men during Gay Pride are just so fit. So gorgeous. It's insane. It's like they are designed just for parties like these.. But it's not just the men. It's the music, the atmosphere. The attitude of literally everyone is AWESOME! Everybody is so sweet, always in good mood (hello XTC, M, GHB, and so on..) - Don't do drugs kids. - and that makes Gay Pride so tempting to go to. I have been to several Gay Prides in my life, San Fransisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, and so on, but Barcelona is one that I haven't been to yet. As a proud Dutch man, I obviously stand for our Gay Pride, but San Fransisco, and Berlin are awesome as well. To be honest, all Gay prides I've been to have all been soooooo awesome. And knowing Barcelona and its gayness.. I highly doubt it's going to be disappointing!


Gay Pride Barcelona – Be Proud For GayPride! Image
So where to go during the Gay Pride Barcelona?! Sadly, as I kinda mentioned earlier, I won't be able to tell you where to go from experience, but heck, I can tell you where to go on my friends' advice, and that's what I'll do! First of all, it would be nice to know the date, when Gay Pride Barcelona is actually happening. Well, it's from the 18th - 28th of June. So you got 10 days to get your groove on. So plan your hairstylist in advance people. (My advice is to go to the hairdresser the 15th of June; everybody knows your hair looks best 3 days after the hairdresser cut it into whatever he thought looked good on you. The bitch..) So in general, most useful information can be found right here. Everything about the Gay Pride Barcelona is in there, where the parties at, what parties there are, and the calendar in general. Just check it out and see it for yourselves! Even though I know it's all up to you on which parties you'll attend, I'm telling you, you're going to want to go to the Gay Parade and the Main party, both on the 28th of June. And lucky you, they both are at the same place! (Parc de les tres Xemeneies, starting 6 pm). The parade is an amazing thing. People dressing up like whatever they want, as long as they feel free. It's just an experience you can't miss out on. And right after the parade ends, the Main Party starts. Sooooo... See you guys there?! Gay Pride Barcelona – Be Proud For GayPride! Image
So that was my blog for this time guys. And as always; Have a fabulous gayday! Oh and remember, whenever a guy tells you he's straight; just tell him this; 'Oh you're straight? So is spaghetti, untill it gets hot.' - Success guaranteed! Untill next time, ~Tjeerd

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