La Terrazza Barcelona - party in open air under the stars!

La Terrazza Barcelona – party in open air under the stars! Image
In Barcelona, every summer is a hot one guys, but we all know the party must go on! So listen closely Summer party-goers because I'’ve got some GREAT news! What if I told you about a place where you can dance your heart out all night long, and not feel like you have to bring a change of clothes for the outfit that you’ll undoubtedly sweat through within 5 minutes of arriving at your favorite Barcelona disco?? Sounds good right? Nestled in the side of the Montjuic hill lays our solution - La Terrazza Barcelona! La Terrazza Barcelona is an amazing open-air nightclub in Poble Español, where you can enjoy the beats of DJs from around the world and dance the night away under the stars. That’s right, I said “under the stars,” meaning 90% of the club is outdoors so there’s plenty off fresh air to go around for you and hundreds of your closest friends. Here, you can leisurely sip on your slightly overpriced Vodka Limon without the urge to dump out its entire contents over your head just to cool off. La Terrazza Barcelona – party in open air under the stars! Image

The atmosphere

But it’s the atmosphere at La Terrazza Barcelona that makes it worth the trip outside of the Barcelona center. They don’t call it the “Atmospherical Fun Club” for nothin’. After entering Poble Espanyol, you’ll wind your way back along the cobble stone streets (ladies, keep this in mind when choosing your footwear), following the faint sound of  electro beats, until you finally arrive at Casa Son Berga, the magnificent mansion housing the club. Once inside, you’'ll be entranced by the visual spectacle of colorful lights and projections cast against the walls and enormous palm trees that line the courtyard. When you finally snap out of it, you’ll quickly notice yourself surrounded by a chic and eclectic mix of people from all over the world, either hanging out at one of the few outdoor bars or dancing around (or on top of) the central stage.

Time surely flies...

Then before you know it, it’s 6:30 am and you’ll be leaving just in time to take in a breathtaking birds-eye view of the city as the sun is coming up and you’re finally calling it a night. It’s by far the “coolest” Barcelona fiesta around, in every sense of the word. Now pay attention because here are a few tips to make your evening way more convenient and economical: HOW TO GET THERE: A FREE bus leaves every 20 minutes from right outside the Barcelona Hard Rock Café starting from 00:20h until 3:20h. HOW TO GET HOME: Buses running non stop from Poble Espanyol to Plaza Espanya from 5:30h to 6:45h. HOW TO AVOID THE 18 € COVER CHARGE: Go on Facebook and join the group “'La Terrrazza Barcelona, Atmospherical fun club',” find the date of the event you want to attend, and put your name plus however many friends you’ll be bringing (the more the merrier) on the guest list at least 24 hours before the party starts. If you show up before 2 am you’ll get in for only 5 euros! So, La Terraza Barcelona gives us a cool, open-air clubbing experience with a unique vibe, incredible view, and great music at a totally reasonable cost. How can you argue with that?

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