Party in Barcelona: Chasing the Party - Nasty Mondays

Party in Barcelona: Chasing the Party – Nasty Mondays Image
Nasty Mondays is by far one of the best party in Barcelona and in our opinion it reigns supreme over all other Barcelona clubs. Admittedly, Monday night is not when most people go out to rage, however, that's one aspect of what makes this party so amazing. There aren't any amateur weekend partiers here.  The crowd, although quite eclectic, is interested in one thing only, dancing up a storm at the most unique party in Barcelona with arguably the best music and atmosphere going. We're not sure exactly where it got it's name, but we do know one thing, if you have to work the following day or sit through hours of early morning classes, it's a nasssty experience.  This party might kill you for the rest of the week, but simply stated, it's more than worth it. Wait! Have you never heard of Nasty Mondays? Shame on you! But don't worry! We spent many nights there, we've experienced it in all its glory, felt its beating sexy sweaty pulse, and we're gonna tell you everything you need to know about what might be considered the best Monday night in the world. Barcelona clubs will never be the same again.

Nasty Mondays: How Did it All Begin?

To understand what the Nasty Mondays party is all about, it is important to briefly talk about how it all began! It was 2004 when a guy called Soren Manzoni, skater, surfer, collector of vintage stuff - from robot toys to pinball machines - and addicted to music got together with Max Ochoa to create something that Barcelona clubs had never seen before!  Influenced by their life-style, they created a party that combines a perfect selection of music, a rock star stage for the DJs, and a lot of improvisation. As years went by, the party grew bigger and moved the Sala Apolo - one of the biggest Barcelona clubs - and also gained international attention. Besides his constant search for "new old stuff" around the flee market 'Los Encantes', Soren stared traveling more and more to New York, which brought even more identity to the party. Nowadays, Nasty Mondays brings together almost 1500 people every Monday and every month it crosses the ocean for its New York edition! Party in Barcelona: Chasing the Party – Nasty Mondays Image
Though very famous now, Soren and Max still have the formula that we love: no gimmicky DJ tricks from the no fancy special effects. Nasty Mondays is simply about the right song at the right time and having fun.

The Club

Getting there is easy! The Sala Apolo is located at Calle Nou de la Rambla, 112, and it is easily reached by metro. If you take the purple (L2) or the green (L3) line and hop off by Station Paral-lel you are just a few meters away from the entrance. It is impossible to miss it, you will immediately notice the line organized by the security guards. As the party starts at 00:00 it is wise to get there before 01:00 to avoid queues. We got there around half-past midnight and in 5 minutes we were inside. They will probably ask for your ID,  so BRING it! There is no such thing as dress-code, but if you get there wearing some clubs jersey, flip-flops or a camouflage cargo shorts (a guy was kicked out in front of us because of that) you might have problems. The entrance is 14 € and includes a drink. So far so good!  We were in and ready to party! The first room when you enter called La[2] and is not the main part of the party. There, the DJ Kosmos and DJ Dr. Cartagena play a mixed of new electro and fidget house, with a touch of hip-hop. To be honest, we didn't spend much time there though the music and mood were very good. We wanted to go as soon as possible to the main dish! So some stairs up and there you are! Sala Apolo is a old-theater style club, which is an essential ingredient to the party! Once you are on the dance-floor you can see the DJs on the stage, just like rock stars, and when you look above you see the upper part, a balcony that has a full view of the dance floor and stage. The bars are usually crowed, and it might take a few minutes to get a drink. That's what happened when we went for our "free" drink - whether it is a Rum-Cola, Vodka-Red Bull, Whiskey-Red Bull - you will be surprised, they pour the drinks very strong making the paid entrance worth even more. Party in Barcelona: Chasing the Party – Nasty Mondays Image
With time, the place became more crowed, but it was never a problem, unless you try to be right in front of the DJs. There, people go crazy, dance and jump like in a rock n' roll concert, and despite getting very sweaty and squeezed it is pretty fun. In the middle of the dance-floor you also experience the adventure of the smokers! As the place has no smoking area, the smokers try their luck hiding from the securities and smoking with their heads down. We didn't witness anyone getting busted, but if want to try doing it, take a lot of care, because the securities guards are not polite AT ALL. And there lies the downside in our opinion. Don't expect "please" or "thank you". We witnessed their rudeness to a lot of people. Of course we can not generalize, but from what we saw, it is a downside.

Music And Other Crazy Stuff

Ok and the music? Isn't it what a party is all about? You are right! Nasty Mondays won't disappoint you! Well, do you like The Strokes? Do you like Rolling Stones? Joy Division? Rage Against the Machine? So, that's just a few of what you gonna get there! The variety goes from rock n' roll from the 50's to the 80's getting to 90's grunge, with hint of new age and all this mixed with recents indie and electrorock hits! Party in Barcelona: Chasing the Party – Nasty Mondays Image
We cannot forget to mention the all the crazy things that happen on the stage! While Soren and Max are playing, drinking Jack Daniels and acting like rock stars, a bunch of pretty girls are dancing and showing themselves to the crowd. And it can get even better! If you are lucky enough (or check in the website, which is more clever) you can be there when a Shitty Sessions is happening! It is a photograph session that takes place on the stage, just behind the DJs! Now, can you imagine what happens in these photos? Just try to put together loud rock and roll, alcohol and crazy people that you might get a bit of it! You can check it, just click here! Our verdict about Nasty Mondays? Don't think twice, go for it, feel it like we did! We are sure you are gonna love it! Now you have your Monday nights guaranteed! How to recover on Tuesday while sitting hungover at your desk? Well, that's another blog idea... What about Tuesday, Wednesday…Sunday? Any suggestions? Wait! Are you still considering staying at home next Monday? We really hope not! Because that's what CHASING THE PARTY is all about: finding the clubs, reporting to you and making you experience it! It will be a series of posts about the exciting nightlife in Barcelona, we will chase the parties, no matter if it summer or winter, sunny or rainy. We are going to find the ones that are rocking our city the hardest. After all, there is nothing like a local DJ. Want to know more about Nasty Mondays and some party in Barcelona? Check this video!

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NASTY MONDAYS Local: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113 Metro Station: Paral-lel Day of the week: Monday Price: 13 €  in advance / 14 € - at door - cash or card Cheers! Jack

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