Barcelona’s Best Beaches: Montgat Nord’s Beach Image

Barcelona's Best Beaches: Look No Further!

If you want to spend a beautiful Saturday away from the riff raff on the Barcelona beaches, take the train at Plaça Catalunya towards Mataró (it only takes 20 minutes), jump off the train at Montgat Nord and go to one of Barcelona's best beaches, Montgat’s beach.

4 Good Reasons To Say Montgat Beach Is One of Barcelona's Best Beaches

1)      The sand and the water are CLEAN: Montgat’s beach doesn’t need any face lift. Here, the sand is full, crispy like brown sugar, and stuffed with little seashells. It’s a pleasure to walk on it and plunge your feet and hands in it. The water, without being crystal clear, is clearer than the rest of the Barcelona beaches. A pure pleasure! 2)      It’s not that crowded: if you want to relax and doze off, be Montgat’s beach guest!  Montgat’s beach is one of Barcelona's best beaches in this respect. No need to jump over towels, legs and arms to find a 1m2 spot. You won’t hear the beer sellers song either, nor the Spanish Donut’s man, nor the “Massage! Massage!” of the Asian ladies. Peace… Tranquility…  Lay down and sleep! Barcelona’s Best Beaches: Montgat Nord’s Beach Image
3)      The beach volleyball players are friendly: Montgat’s beach is great for its beach volleyball courts. Players will be more than happy to welcome you to play along with them! 4)      The café con hielo is amazing: when you get off at the station Montgat Nord, take a right to the beach volleyball courts. Then pass under the train lines and you'll reach the cafés that are aligned in the sun. They serve the best tapas and the best Ice Coffe ever! WARNING: it’s not an ice coffee as you could maybe conceive it. It’s Spanish style! The waitress will bring you a normal Espresso and a glass with only two ice cubes in it. Pour sugar in the hot coffee then pour the whole thing in the second ice-filled glass. The result is awesome (even better with Café con Leche). Barcelona’s Best Beaches: Montgat Nord’s Beach Image
Yours, Audrey

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