Barcelona For Free: Survival Guide for Your Piggy Bank

Barcelona for free, is it possible? Yes, but... wait! There are many things you can do, but it doesn't mean you can leave your wallet at home! What follows is a bunch of good tips I've put together while living here. For sure, you can explore, enjoy, eat, drink and party for free in Barcelona, and some great extras for less than 5€! Barcelona For Free: Is That Possible? Image
- WALK is the golden rule! It’s free, it’s healthy, it’s the best way to explore the city. Barcelona is relatively small, don’t be lazy! - METRO. The longer you stay, the more you need at least a T10 ticket. More info on TMB tickets page. - AIRPORT: forget the Aerobus and taxi, there are cheaper ways to get to/from El Prat. - MOVING BY CAR: try Carsharing and Carpooling in Barcelona, it works! Our friend and colleague Alper went to Madrid using carpooling  for 25 €! - FREE PARKING: sounds too good to be true, but we know where you can park for free in Barcelona. Barcelona For Free: Is That Possible? Image
- COFFEE & CROISSANT: It's not for free, but in general very cheap. I live and work in the Eixample and the max price I pay for Coffee + Croissant is 2 euros! If you're coffee-holic like me, you'll need a second one: come here visit us, dear SuiteLifers! We’ll offer the second one! And a free hug, if needed. - TAPAS FOR FREE (with a cheap drink): If you pay 1,80 € for a beer, you’ll eat for free! Isn’t it cool? I think it’s the best system. There are many places where you get free tapas when you order a drink, especially in the Eixample. And the drinks are really cheap at these free tapas bars we recommend. - FREE DINNERS: Maybe you’ve heard about this legend! Well, I can’t recommend it to you. I had a bad experience with free dinners in Barcelona. They’re usually at nightbars or clubs, where you MUST get a drink, which is quite expensive, and THEN you can eat for free.  I did it 2-3 times and all I remember is that after queueing for ages, we went to the nearest kebab place. - COOK WITH FRIENDS: If you are renting a flat in Barcelona, you could eat at home with your friends, and cook together. It's way cheaper than eating out and it’s fun to experiment  with Spanish recipes,  like the famous Tortilla de patata à la SuiteLife! - WATER: In Barcelona water is drinkable everywhere and there are lots of water fountains too. Refill your bottle, don’t waste money buying a new one! Barcelona For Free: Is That Possible? Image
- FREE WALKING TOURS: A free walking tour is a tip based tour of the city where you give the amount you want at the end of the tour. It’s also one of the easiest ways to make friends in Barcelona. - FREE MUSEUMS: On the first Sunday of the month, you can enter for free in almost every museum in Barcelona. - FORFREE.CAT: On this interesting website you can find all the upcoming events in Barcelona and tons of useful information. Barcelona For Free: Is That Possible? Image
- As a general rule, if you’re in Barcelona on a budget, never pay to enter a club. Most clubs guarantee free entrance until 1:30/2:00 am.  All you need is to put your name on a list, like Shaz Erasmus. As you can imagine, once you’re inside, clubs will charge you around 10-12 € a drink. So you better drink before! - CHUPITOS: Interested in shots for 2€ ? We recommend Espit Chupitos Bar, they have 200 different shots! - RYANS IRISH PUBS: very popular now, because every day of the year you can get a bottle of San Miguel for 1€. Many of our nights out start at Ryans, but we also know a lot of other cheap bars in Barcelona! Barcelona For Free: Is That Possible? Image
Have you discovered other free things to do in Barcelona? Feel free to leave a comment, so we can add it to the blog! Have a nice weekend! - Elio

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