Housewarming Party in Barcelona: inaugurate your new flat in style!

Housewarming Party in Barcelona – inaugurate your new flat in style! Image
Now that you've found your apartment in Barcelona, settled in and decorated it with your amazing taste, it is time to throw an amazing housewarming party in Barcelona! For more decoration tips you should check out our blog on home stores in Barcelona and find everything you need to kit your place out! But let's get back to our topic. You're probably wondering what housewarming party is. A housewarming party in Barcelona is basically a must to inaugurate your new place in this awesome city! Its absolutely essential to show off your brand new designer couch and impress your guests with great activities - well, we think so at least! Find out below some tips to give your friends the best housewarming party ever and set yourself as THE party planner of your group!

Housewarming Party in Barcelona tip #1: get yourself a Catalan caterer

Housewarming Party in Barcelona – inaugurate your new flat in style! Image
As you are enjoying your new life in Barcelona, what you might be interested in is to find out what the fantastic region of Catalonia has to offer to you and your guests in terms of leisure, food, music and so on. Why not combine all those Catalan wonders that are yet to be discovered in one big house warming? Impress your guests - locals or foreigners - with the best Catalan caterers in the city. You will enjoy the most exquisite food from the classic tapas such as pa amb tomàquet or queso or even jamón ibérico to the traditional dishes such as escudella and ollada or mar i muntanya ("sea and mountain") dishes. Finish the dinner with the excellent traditional Catalan desert: la crema catalana. Most caterers in Barcelona have found a way of mixing tradition and innovation by introducing in their cuisine international tastes. Find below a list of caterers who might interest you and your friends, fellow gourmet!

Housewarming Party in Barcelona tip #2: entertain your guests

Living in Barcelona gives you access to plenty of activities. Between all the clubs, bars, sports and entertainment available in the city you might ask yourself, what can I bring to my own party to entertain my friends in an original way? Well here's one piece of advice for you: get stereotypical. That might sound strange but I assure you, nothing is as great as a night listening and dancing to the traditional Spanish music: Flamenco! And there are plenty of other stuff that Barcelona can bring to your party. Housewarming Party in Barcelona – inaugurate your new flat in style! Image
Just so you know, you can hire flamenco dancers, singers and guitar players right here. You get to have your own flamenco show in your home, enjoy the very rhythmic music and maybe learn how to dance it yourself! Your guests are going to be astounded by the perfect Iberian night. Otherwise, if you prefer to hire a DJ, Barcelona is the perfect place to find one and enjoy a house warming party with the last Spanish and international hits. But this is not all! If you are a smoker or a cigar aficionado you should consider hiring your own cigar roller who would come to your party and roll cigar right in front of you - can't be more fresh. And the bright side of it is that you get to choose the tobacco you prefer while the cigar roller entertain your guests by telling it all about the cigar-making process. All you have to do to get your own professional cigar roller is click here. This is the perfect mix of class and cool. Housewarming Party in Barcelona – inaugurate your new flat in style! Image

Housewarming Party in Barcelona tip#3: hire staff and relax

Just like a superpower, planning an event such as a fancy housewarming party in Barcelona comes with great responsibility. If you really want to enjoy your night just like your guests, you will need help. First because you planned so much fun stuff and it's not fair if you miss them just because someone broke your favorite vase and you have to clean up. Someone should do it for you so you can relax and just be your fabulous self. That includes of course a waiting staff that your caterer will usually provide but not only, you need to keep in mind that your place need to be cleaned up in the morning. I know, no one wants to hear about what happens in the aftermath of a party but I am telling you, a cleaning service is the best idea for you not to worry about the mess, they'll deal with it for you. Housewarming Party in Barcelona – inaugurate your new flat in style! Image
Alright readers, we gave you the keys to organise the best ever housewarming party in Barcelona and we hope that you will enjoy your special night or any other one in the wonderful city of Barcelona! You can always read more about the nightlife in Barcelona in our blogs! See you! Aurélien

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