Shopping in Barcelona : Discover Gracia!

Shopping in Barcelona: Advice on Where to Shop in Gracia Image
Living and shopping in Barcelona definitely requires one to have a lot of self-control over the finer things in life and with the countless Barcelona parties, festivals and the wide variety of food and drink on offer, it’s far too easy to indulge here.
Then, just when you think you have it all under control the city hits you with another vice, possibly the worst of all, you got it girls…  Barcelona shopping!
 The words Barcelona and Shopping go hand in hand and it certainly has the potential to offer an incredible shopping experience but, at the same time it also has the potential to destroy the credit card and rinse the bank account.
In fact, for those among us with a little less restraint, when it comes to matters of the shops, a guilty conscience and empty purse is inevitable!
You can’t escape it, down every cobbled pathway and around every winding corner, Barcelona shops spill out on to the road from one district to the next. The Born and The Raval are rich with small boutiques and quirky little stores which appear out of nowhere, patiently awaiting your curiosity and custom. Whilst Catalunya, Passeig de Gracia and Diagonal are less discreet and swamped with big imposing buildings, proudly embossed with huge recognisable fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Versace and Armani.
Just like Alice in Wonderland you’ll constantly stumble across new surprises and won’t be able to resist the “BIG” and “SMALL” windows exhibiting the vast array of jewellery, arts, clothes and antiques, all whispering the words, “Buy me”.
So, with so much temptation how is it possible to give advice on where to go for some good old shopping in Barcelona?  Well, my suggestion would be to explore, get into every nook and cranny of this city and discover it’s true shopping delights.
However, for an extra special trip I recommend paying a visit the lovely neighbourhood of Gracia Barcelona.
Contrasting words like hip, traditional, bohemian, old, trendy and time-honoured attach themselves to this place. Direct contrasts live side-by-side and it’s not uncommon to find a sparkling stylish boutique neighbouring a conventional Catalan store. Yet, whilst you may think this odd mix may confuse and blur its identity, the regular differences only add to its charm. What you’ll find in Gracia Barcelona is a popular, modern district, proud of its roots. Especially the Calle Verdi Street in Barcelona is not to be missed.

Gracia Shops:

My suggestion would be, to ensure you make the most of the shopping potential in the Gracia district, is to wander up and down the many streets, mosey on through the countless squares and develop your own personal fondness for this area. However if clothes and accessories are on the top of your shopping list, then check out these cool little stores.
Shopping in Barcelona: Advice on Where to Shop in Gracia Image

Retro City, Travessera de Gracia

If you’re looking for reasonably priced, super cool vintage stuff then don’t miss this place.  From the outside it’s a plain shop with no sign, simply resembling a hole in the wall. Yet, inside it comes to life with colour. It’s crammed literally from floor to ceiling with accessories, shoes, bags, hats and quirky clothes. If you love this type of gear then you’ll love this shop.
Shopping in Barcelona: Advice on Where to Shop in Gracia Image

PHILO, C. del Pendes

It’s a small chic boutique with a modern and impressive collection and the ability to suit a range of tastes and budgets. New design is contrasted with retro style clothing and this place, although small, is a girl’s miniature shopping paradise.
Shopping in Barcelona: Advice on Where to Shop in Gracia Image

Locas De Atar, Torrent de l’Olla

The clothes that grace the shelves here are distinctive, unique and exclusive. This shop promotes young talent and offers designers the chance to showcase and sell their work. This means each individual piece is different to the next and you get to sport a design much more personal and rare, something you’ll never find on the high street.
…and afterwards?
Well, if you’ve chose to avoid the mainstream labels and found yourself in the Gracia Barcelona, exhausted and carrying too many bags, then take a seat in one of the many squares. Here you can marvel at the impressive Catalan architecture and spend your last few pennies on a sparkling glass of Cava. The perfect ending to a perfect shopping in Barcelona expedition.
And you ? What are your favorite places to go shopping in Barcelona?
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