Top 12 Instagram hotspots in Barcelona!

The top 12 places to take breathtaking Instagram photos in Barcelona

Instagram Barcelona hotspots photography

PC: @xopet1969

At SuiteLife we love checking out Instagram for great photos of Barcelona and taking our own pictures too.
Here are the top 12 Instagram hotspots in Barcelona that we would recommend for those of you who like to get creative on Instagram. If you live in Barcelona and want to spice up your feed or you’re visiting and want to know the best places to take photos in Barcelona this list is for you. If your’e looking for even more  inspiration, be sure to check out our blog of the top 70 Barcelona based Instagram accounts.


1.   Tibidabo

The first to make our top 12 Instagram hotspots is the beautiful mountain and amusement park of Tibidabo. The Sagrat Cor church, as well as a giant ferris wheel and other classic rides make this a great place to take photos with a quaint and old-school vibe. The bright colours and lights in the park also help to produce vibrant and fun photos – check out @barcelonacitizen’s ferris wheel photo below for inspiration!
If you’re looking for a challenge, you might also want to try experimenting with movement in the photographs seeing as the amusement park is a place full of action. We would recommend heading to Tibidabo during the golden hour to make the most of the orange tones of the sunset.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


2.   Barrio Gótico

Barcelona’s Barrio Gótico is our second pick for the city’s most Instagrammable spots. With its winding alleyways and selection of trendy cafés, it makes for a beautiful photo. For those of you who like photographing people, El Gótico is a great space to capture the hustle and bustle of everyday life with an extra special historical backdrop. We love the light in this amazing photo of a busy street in El Gótico posted by @ZuckerandSpice.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography

PC: @ZuckerandSpice

3.   La Barceloneta

As Barcelona’s most popular beach, La Barceloneta is perfect backdrop for those summer pics. However, Barceloneta is also great for photography throughout the year, with L’Estel Ferit and the famous W Barcelona nearby you can capture some really powerful and dramatic landscapes as  shown by @xopet1969’s amazing Instagram photo below. We would recommend going early in the morning if you’re looking to take a less crowded picture of Barceloneta.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography

PC: @Xopet1969

4.   Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia in L’Eixample is one of the most famous sites in Barcelona and Instagram proves it. With thousands of pictures of The Sagrada Familia on the gram it can be hard to get a fresh take on this beautiful and historical building. We love the Instagram photo below from photograher @caldeh who has added a creative twist on this favourite. He achieved this amazing viewpoint by taking the picture from Gaudi’s Casa Mila.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography

PC: @caldeh

5.   Casa Batlló

Gaudi’s Casa Batlló is another well-known attraction in Barcelona and in our opinion, its unique and fluid architectural style make for iconic photos. The most breath-taking photos of Casa Batlló are taken at night when the building is lit up. The blue-tones in the windows also look beautiful when pictured in the daytime, from inside and out. Check out @Stoptheroc’s amazing photo of Casa Batlló in the snow for some wintry inspiration!

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


6.   Palau de la Música

Palau de la Música Catalana without a doubt deserves a place in our top 12 Instagram hotspots. The bright and powerful colours in and around the building are both stunning in person and of course, on the gram. The Modernist style building is filled with colourful stain glass windows, which are even more beautiful when the sun is shining. On the building’s exterior, you can find a series of detailed pillars, which also look great in photos as shown by @AngieSilverspoon. If you’re in to editing photos, don’t be afraid to push up the saturation on these pictures  to make the most of the amazing colours.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


7.   Palau Guël

Palau Guël in the neighbourhood of El Raval was one of Gaudi’s first important commissions, and was designed to be an unusual and fun urban space for the Guël Lopez family before they moved to Parc Guël. The fairy-tale-like design of Palau Guël means that you can let your imagination run wild when taking pictures here. From the unique shapes of the stone buildings to the stunning ceiling designs on the interior of the buildings, Palau Guël provides endless options for creative photography. This picture from @Caba213’s Instagram shows how some of the site’s amazing colours can be enhanced with some subtle edits to produce beautiful, gram-ready photos.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


8.   Parc Guël

Parc Guël is quite literally a photographer’s playground. Parc Guël, located in the vibrant Gracia neighbourhood, is less refined than Palau Guël, boasting the same fun urban features as Palau Guël and then some. This topsy-turvy urban design has everyone reaching for their camera. The intricate mosaics in the park are great if you like colourful and more detailed photographs. This amazing picture from @thebarcelonist shows a view of the park and the city behind. We also suggest heading to a high point in the park if you  want to make the most of its many cool features in your photography.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


9.   Plaça d’Isidre Noneu

The next on our list is less well known, a hidden treasure if you like. This one is for the art lovers- a large image of a kiss made up of a collage of tiny pictures located on Plaça d’Isidre Noneu in the historic neighbourhood of El Gótico. If your’re looking for your next edgy Instagram pic, this has got to be your newest addition. This lovely pic by @beautuhuteru shows us the huge scale of the collage. The pinky tones of the street art and powerful imagery means it will look great without filters and edits, just make sure you get there before sunset to take full advantage of these colours.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


10.   Pont de Petroli

This beautiful bridge stretching far into the sea moves away slightly from heavy urban landscape of the city. Located in Badalona in the province of Barcelona, this is a great option for those of you who enjoy photographing more tranquil environments. As @davidbarmengou shows, Pont de Petroli creates beautiful sunset image, which can be made extra special by incorporating silhouettes. The simplistic design of the bridge makes it seem endless and, with stunning views of the surrounding sea, you can’t go wrong.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


11. Font Màgica

Font Màgica or the Magic fountain in Montjuic is definitely up there on our list of top 12 Instagram hotspots! Not only is it beautiful during the day but its regular light shows make for magical photos, if you’ll pardon the word play. The light shows are full of colour to make your pictures pop, check out this one posted by @alexjacksonvisuals with the amazing contrast of the lights against the water. You can also see the show from surrounding hotel rooftops, from which you get a great aerial view of the fountain.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


12.   Barcelona Cathedral

When it comes to architectural finesse, Barcelona’s the champ, and the Barcelona Cathedral in el Gótico is a must see, must photograph kind of place. Its Gothic architecture gives its photographs an eerie yet breathtaking imagery, whilst the smaller surrounding buildings help to show its huge scale. The cool yellow tones of the cathedral paired with a backdrop of blue sky and green hills create a beautiful contrast in photographs as shown on @lalbertet’s Instagram. We recommend heading to the Cathedral in the early evening, just before sunset to achieve this effect.

Barcelona Instagram hotspots photography


We hope you’ve enjoyed our favourite Barcelona Instagram hotspots, be sure to check them out and drop a #suitelifebcn below your pictures – we can’t wait to see them!

*please note that the first picture of each three is the only one which corresponds to the account credited.


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