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Have you ever spent a tremendous amount of time searching for  blogs about Barcelona? I have to say it's kind of frustrating and you wish you could find what you want in the blink of an eye instead of wasting time that you could be using to sip a fresh Mojito on one of Barcelona many beaches! With that in mind, we've handpicked our favourites and written a blog on the best blogs about Barcelona! We hope you will enjoy these entertaining sources of information as much as we do! Best Blogs About Barcelona Image

Barcelona photoblog is one of the blogs you definitely can not miss!

This blog will let you discover Barcelona through all the incredibly beautiful and unique pictures. And on top of that, each picture is explained and discussed by the author. For example if one picture is about a museum, you will find information about the museum: its history, location, what the author thought when he visited it etc...

In my opinion, this is what makes this photoblog stand out, as other photoblogs usually post beautiful pictures but do not give additional information on the things that were shot.

As a combination of aesthetic pictures of Barcelona and useful information about the daily life of the city, Barcelona Photoblog is worth having a look at so check it out here!!

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This blog is mainly about social and public issues and cultural life in Catalunya but it also covers these issues from a Spanish and European perspective.

Indeed, some of the social problems encountered in Catalunya are also present in other countries throughout Europe and it's always interesting to discuss things from a wider point of view.

The author's name is Brett Hetherington. He is an Australian journalist and is now working as a freelance writer, blogger and teacher in Catalunya. He also happens to be a regular commentator on Spain's social and cultural life for an Australian radio called "ABC Radio". The content is really interesting and diverse as it combines politics, social issues, economics, daily life and facts about Catalunya, Spain and Europe in general.

So if these topics are of interest to you, you definitely have to read this blog!

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Funny name for a blog isn't it? As you might have guessed, this blog is about Barcelona's daily life and features all the advantages and drawbacks of living in this city. As its slogan says, "Si quieres el perro, Acepta las Pulgas". In english,  "If you want the dog, you must accept the fleas"!

In my opinion, the name has been wisely chosen as this metaphor perfectly describes Barcelona. The dogs are the things that we see in tourist guides, the good sides of Barcelona, its charming streets, districts and monuments. On the other hand, the fleas are all the less savoury things that you don't hear about, such as the drunk tourists on the beach, the drug dealers, the squaters, the thieves etc...

If you want to know more about all the thrilling action happening every day in Barcelona, you must checkout this blog!

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This was inevitable! A football blog about FC Barcelona had to appear in my list of Barcelona best blogs!

In case you come from another planet, Barcelona happens to have one of the best (if not the best) football teams in the world and it can count on the unconditional support from Barcelona's citizens!

This blog will keep you up to date with the club's daily life, transfer rumours, match results, highlights and so on! What I like the most about it is that some articles in the blog are written and edited by fans and there is an impression of community when you browse the website making the blog highly interactive and 'live'.

I totally recommend it if you're a Barca fan! You can check it out here! PS: Visca el Barca i Visca Catalunya!

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This blog is dedicated to street art in Barcelona. It features many different creations from graffiti to urban sculptures. What I find really cool is that it is a way to discover Barcelona in an original manner as every creation is usually geolocalized meaning that its location is mentioned. So if one street art creation really catches your attention, you might be able to go and check it out for real! The only obstacle to fully enjoying this blog is that it's written in Spanish, but I guess it will be a good opportunity to practice your spanish and to be honest this blog is more about the pictures of street art. Barcelona street art reminds us that art is not only in museums! You can discover it here. Best Blogs About Barcelona Image

Written by passionate local tour guides, this blog's objective is to show you Barcelona in a way that you will always remember visiting it. Marta and her colleagues will give you advice on where to eat, what to see, where to go on a friday night or the best places to stay during your trip for example. This insider knowledge is always useful when coming to Barcelona!

Check it out here!

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Homage to BCN is a very complete blog where you can find a lot of different articles related to Barcelona. There is of course a lot of insider info on Barcelona such as "The top 5 Nightclubs in Barcelona" or "The best Barcelona bodegas" but also some interesting videos, infographics and fun facts about Barcelona!

My favourite section of this blog is the "BCN days" where people living in Barcelona describe their perfect day in the city to share what they love most about Barcelona.

Reading this blog is highly recommended!

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Besotted is a play on words with "beso" that means kiss in Spanish. As the author explains, she has been kissed by the beautiful city of Barcelona and is now living a love story with it! She shares why she fell in love with Barcelona by posting pictures of her favourite places, restaurants, bars, neighbourhoods etc...Check it out here! Best Blogs About Barcelona Image
A very interesting blog dedicated to the Barcelona bar scene. I truly enjoy this blog as it allows you to discover many Barcelona bars and the majority of them are not really famous but rather authentic and original bars that you don't often hear of. You can discover it here. Their instagram account is also worth a "follow"! Best Blogs About Barcelona Image
Food Barcelona is a gastronomic blog providing reviews about Barcelona restaurants but also some attractive homemade recipes! Very useful if you wonder where to go for dinner in Barcelona. Food lovers, this blog is made for you!

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As you maybe already know, "guiri" means expatriate. This blog is written by a Scottish woman who moved to Barcelona a few years ago. Throughout her blog she shares her experience of living in Barcelona with her observations, feelings and the occasional funny story! Check it out!

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Last but not least, the SuiteLife Barcelona Bible!!! This blog is the most complete in terms of insider info about Barcelona. Updated every 2 days on average, it is also really active and always keeps up with what's happening right now in Barcelona. Amongst the numerous articles this blog has to offer, some are particularly worth a look!

The Barcelona Neighbourhood Guide will tell you everything you need to know about the city's different districts. Same for The Gaudi Guide that will make your Gaudi Tour much easier to organise! And I bet you want to discover the Top 10 hot Spanish Women, don't you? I won't make you wait any longer, you can browse this blog here!

That is it for our list of the best blogs about Barcelona!I hope you enjoyed reading this article and these blogs. If you know of any Barcelona blogs that could appear in this list, let us know in the comments section and we might include it!

Cheers, Rémi

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